Weekend Friday Favourites

Seeing as it’s now way past my bedtime, I’ll keep the intro short and sweet!

This week’s Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have been making me smile or caught my eye this week.

Lucky Bamboo and Zara Home Brass VaseOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A few weeks ago in my local supermarket I picked up peat/compost whatever you call it to repot my plants and a lucky bamboo for no other reason than it looked nice! Continue reading “Weekend Friday Favourites”

Zoo Weekend

I went to the zoo twice in 3 days. Yes, twice in 3 days. Wednesday I made the zoo with plenty of time not to have to sprint before the gates shut to discover they were already shut. The receptionists had a good giggle at my bewildered face as I checked my watch and phone. I looked at them with a face, I still have a few minutes, you closed early! They mouth it’s closed. No sh*t sherlock.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

But, but, but I have a 4 minutes! They laugh saying it’s been closed all day due to the wind. I then get all apologetic Continue reading “Zoo Weekend”

Weekend Friday Favourites

The evenings are now beginning to feel like November evenings I remember growing up. The ones with that crisp autumnal chill that bites as the temps transition to colder months. While I’ve climatised to Spanish/Catalan temps, my *internal seasonal body clock’s still programmed for British winters. I brace myself every year for those chilly October nights that never come. November I’m still in lighter weight jackets thinking I should be snug in a winter coat. I guess those cold, pretty winter days growing up made a mark. I’ve haven’t seen frost since I was last in the UK a few years ago. I forgot how pretty frost covered fields and trees are in the morning light. I don’t miss however frozen feet, defrosting windshields or negotiating ice!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

* Summer it’s well and truly adjusted!

Reminiscing aside, Weekend Friday Favourites. Continue reading “Weekend Friday Favourites”

Dear Cold,……

I’d like my skin back please.

Thanks to P being here and his cooking (thank ya) it’s been easier to bust this cold. If he wasn’t I’m sure it would have got a lot worse quicker before it got better. It’s still hanging around play havoc with my skin, making it feel dry. I’ve been drinking as much water and fluids, slapping on lotions and potions as I can but I can’t shift the dry feeling. Around my eyes feels like a desert and my eyelids. Currently like a puffer fish. There’s a reason why BB cream, concealer and face yoga were invented!

I hope you had a great weekend! In between trying not to feel sorry for myself for the power of being positive shifts it quicker (last time mentioning a cold) it was tackling some of that do list weekend. It’s also the reason why I didn’t take many photos the past few days, hence photo no overload. img_5072-1

Back tracking a little Continue reading “Dear Cold,……”

Weekend Friday Favourites

Wednesday I woke up with what I thought were allergies, only for by the end of the day transform into a full blown cold. Ever since then the place has been stocked up with every type of vitamin C there is. Apple, ginger and lemon juice shots, P’s coconut milk butternut squash soup (I’m not soup fan, but I do like this one!), peanut butter on toast (okay, not vitamin C but it always makes me feel better when sick), cold fighting foods.img_5024-1

P was back Thursday and as he doesn’t want to catch it, he’s been dosing up on vitamin C. Continue reading “Weekend Friday Favourites”