Naked Trees Photography Project

Naked trees still hold my eye. The way the light bounces, shines, reflects and lights up branches, twigs, leaves and bark making you realise just how amazing trees are.

Spring’s in the air early this year with a few trees getting dressed already for the warmer months. Even a few cherry blossom trees are blooming. Mid February spring started whispering Continue reading “Naked Trees Photography Project”

Finally A Moment!

Finally a moment to say Hi! The past few days have been little crazy, however I finally finished my Outdoor Fitness Coach lesson plan. It took much longer than normal class plan of what exercises with maybe stick figures and few notes. Every single exercise’s noted and hand written from the warm up exercises to cool down stretches with teaching points, progressions, alternatives, adaptations, intensity, etc. Plus I have to plan it in a manner how they like to pass and try not to get through 1/4 realm of paper doing so. I finished it last night and emailed it. Now it’s a waiting game if I pass to take the practical. Then there was Monday.

At my dentist appointment Monday, my not so clever streak continued. The gum filling (yep. I like cleaning my teeth a little too much) I thought had fallen out, was still there. I told them when I arrived it’s probably my imagination and yep, it was.

Tuesday a not so clever person (I wasn’t as polite with my name calling) locked their bike around my front brake cable. I’d finished work and the gym and was looking forward to stealing the last few beach siestas before it gets too chilly on my way back. 45 minutes waiting for the owner to return, the gym couldn’t help me without calling out maintenance who were busy, I decided to wait out the owner. My gym is located right by the beach and several police cars patrol every hour. I flag one down and ask if they could help. They could and got beach maintenance. I’d managed while waiting remove part of the cable, but didn’t have any allen keys (like I’d carry any!) or anything to undo the screws.Locked bikes

Beach maintenance hand me cutters to cut the cable, my bike, only I can cut it for them to avoid being accused of stealing. I’m just about to cut the plastic coating when one of them says wait I have allen keys, which is what the policia wanted. Short story it took 2 policemen, 1 beach maintenance guy and me to free my bike. I really wanted to say something to the owner, but I was happy just to have my bike back minus a working front brake. Thank you to the guys who helped out! I also found out that police car patrol wear bullet proof jackets. Not something I thought they do here.

Diesel (cat) recently has been getting up to mischief. Just being his normal cheeky self, but I think the cooler temperature has been firing up his playful antics. While Aj has a few designated sleep spots, D has about 5 in each room, depending on the time of day, temperature and what’s mine or Aj’s he can claim. Yesterday morning I found him napping half on the Xbox and half on the cable spaghetti behind the TV, internet/wifi router. They’re pretty good at not going behind the TV once I’ve said no (energy projection!), but he’s never gone behind there before that I know of. The fibre optic cable is there. The guy who installed it said, careful with the cats, it’s live wire. I shoo D out who doesn’t leave the easy way over the Xbox, but via the cable spaghetti. Please excuse the finger smudge.
Diesel, Xbox, no internet

Then no internet. I reset the router and wifi several times. I reset the mains. I go for a run, no internet when back. I Google red alarm flashing on router. I pull out and reconnect the wires. Still red alarm. I look closer at the cables. D when backing out must have squashed part of the fibre optic, bending it around through it’s plastic tie. I straigthen it out, remove the plastic tie (he loves them, I don’t like him loving them) and viola internet!

Anyways, seeing as most you like visit for photos rather then my writing skills, I’ll leave you some from the week so far (and that means the weekend too)!

Penguins at the zoo enjoying the last of sun, Friday.Penguin sun

Peacock, Barcelona Zoo
Peacock, Barcelona zoo

Rainbow just before sunset Saturday

Waves off the pier on Sunday runSunday run view off the pier

Penguin leaf play at the zoo SundayPenguin and leavesPenguins and leaves

Lion wants his dinner and letting everybody know. Just like Diesel.Hungry lionThe tiger next door responding just how Aj does when Diesel wants his dinner.Tiger listening to hungry lionArc de Triomf on the way back from the dentistArc de Triomf, Barcelona

Windy run, WednesdayWindy run view

Have you ever been locked out a car or locked in a parking spot? Is anyone else sad to say see you later to Summer, but secretly wanting crisp afternoons?

Weekend Friday Favourites

Can you believe we’re nearly half way through the year? Just 1 week to go until the Summer Solstice or Winter Solstice depending on where you live and the official start of Summer/Winter? Or the warm/dry season if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere in-between!

I hope you’re having a great weekend! This weekend I’ve signed up of the pleasure of running Port Vells commercial port bridge that has to accommodate cruise liners. I’m not sure it’s pleasure as I ran it last year and let me tell you it’s long and steep! Me being me, I refuse to walk up it as I run the ports annual 10km night race. The pleasure must be coming back running down it about 2km from the finish line and getting to run around a port that’s normally off limits to the public!

Weekend Friday Favourites, a round up of things that have been making me smile this week. Short and sweet this week!

Rickina the baby Orangutan

This has to be the most cutest, saddest thing I’ve ever watched. Cute as it’s full of baby orangutans! Sad as it’s full of baby orangutans who’ve lost their Mums probably to loss of habitat and deforestation for palm oil crops. I try to avoid products containing palm oil, unless from sustainable palm oil sources. It’s not easy, but everytime I say no and put the product back it’s my protest with against the palm oil industry. For more info, check out WWF

AJ and D AJ and D

It’s taken them 9 years to get this close without Aj moving with his knickers in a twist. Maybe they’re getting old, maybe they’re finally toleratant of each other, but the past few weeks, I’ve noticed Aj’s not bothered by Diesel snuggling so close. Evening cat snuggles watching TV are the best!

Tone It Up Big Sur Road Trip VideoTone It Up Top 5 California Road Trips

Their top 5 California road trip recommendations featuring the Big Sur. One day along with the Redwoods, Hawaii, Grand Canyon, British Colombia, Costa Rica, Belize, South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Iceland……… in my dreams!

Single Arm Burpees

I’ve been meaning to try these out ever since I saw TwoBadBodies on Instagram whip them out. They’re not so bad, are actually quite fun and earn you extra gym respect points (maybe not extra gym respect points, but they make you feel like you should get some credit for busting them out!). The first burpee each arm, I thought not strong enough yet, but our bodies are amazing at recreating memory pathways in a spilt second. The next 5 were fun. They make a great break from full burpee Spartan Race practice and like normal burpees work just about everything. You just have to make sure posture’s spot on, go slow the first few and do equal reps each side. I also had fun this week with burpee single arm presses as seen here on Tone It Up.

Ducks, Parc CiutadellaDucks, Parc Ciutadella

They were working camera this week!

L’Umbracle, Parc Ciutadella

I have a confession. I’ve only ever really seen the back of the this building and thought it was run down due to trees growing out of it. On my no show Monday, I had the opportunity to explore the park and found it’s entrance! Built in 1883-7 for the 1888 Universal Exhibition, then a hall for parties and conference, it’s now houses tropical and subtropical plants. My dream garden or part of it. One day!

What’s been making you smile this week? Do you have any races coming up? What countries are on your travel list? Have a great weekend!

Tone It Up Top 5 California Road Trip Image taken from Google images

Weekend Friday Favourites

Hello! The clocks go forward today and for me that marks the start of Spring. The past few days the wind’s eased up, it’s getting warmer and the sun’s shining! Today also marks WWF Earth Hour, where 8.30pm local time, millions of people around the world switch off lights for one hour to show they care for our planet and make a stand against climate change. Most cities switch off major landmarks and tourist attractions lights, shops switch off window display lights which can look eire. I participate every year, though I’m a little naughty. I may have my lap top on and do an hours yoga in darkness.

Reverse sunset FridayReverse sunset Barcelona

Friday Favourites and Friday’s Run ViewFriday Run View

9km along the along and on the beaches which was a little tough as I ran on the wet sand (Spartan Race training and to avoid the nudest sunbathers out in force due to the weather!) by the shore line. The stadium steps were a bit tough thanks to Thursday workout and wet sand running. Oddly though after the steps, my legs felt awake. Maybe I should run them first, not at the end!

TRX Alligators Twists

My new favourite back and shoulder exercise as seen here in swimmer Natalie Coughlin’s TRX hotel workout. Almost feels like I flying!

H&M BagHM faux snakeskin bag

I tried to resist but couldn’t. It didn’t break the bank at €9.99 and I’ve learnt the less adornments and more simple and structured the bag, the more expensive it can look. As for the bromelia, AJ likes to nibble on it.

Zara JacketZara, Army khaki jacket

I said to myself I wasn’t going to get another khaki lightweight jacket. Ha! I found this in Zara and I’ve always wanted an army style shirt jacket as opposed to just a khaki jacket. The metal detailing keeps it from being too casual. Just need a few more warmer days to convince me to swap coats as it’s still a little chilly in the evenings.

Cuticle Trimmercuticle timmer

I’m a little late to the party with most things, nails included. I look after them, but have never invested in an cuticle trimmer. Every now and them I pop into Primark and ask myself what’s the fascination with this shop. I must be one of the few people that leave empty handed. But I’m a sucker for the beauty isle and picked this up. Why didn’t I haven’t before I don’t know.

New Tonga Island

The latest new island in the South Pacific!

Tropical Flowers

Begonias and GeraniumsBegonias


The supermarkets are getting full of tropical pot plants that keep catching my eye. I’m not the best green fingers and cat’s don’t help, so I’m hoping I can look after these Ea the summer!

Romeo Wolf

I love this story of an Alaskan wolf who’s slightly different from the rest of the pack.

Snatt’s Sesame BreadsticksSnatts Breadsticks

My gym’s been giving these away free in the afternoons (great promotion Snatt’s!). A big bin filled high with all contents disappearing fast, because they’re tasty, the right quantity, no artificial flavours and not just because they’re free!

Aj and DAJ. No photos pleaseDiesel

These two are packing on the grams as per Vets orders and up to the usual tricks of sleeping, sunbathing, telling Mama I accidentally peed on the floor again (AJ let’s me know when he’s missed aimed) and keeping silver fish at bay (Diesel).

Cute New Teddy Bear Mammal Rediscovered.chinesemammal01.adapt.1190.1

Real teddy bears exist. They’re called an Ili Pika’s, live in Northwestern China and are too cute for words.

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great weekend!

Ili Pika photo from


Weekend Friday Favourites

Happy Sunday as the Americans say! And Happy International Women’s Day to all the amazing ladies I know and amazing ladies who inspire me, motivate me and so many other amazing ladies.

International Womens Day

A late Weekend Friday Favourites, so I’ll get straight to them and Fridays run view!

Friday Run View7km along the beaches and stadium steps sprints. March’s windy here and combined with heavy legs, that I would run right on the shore break as opposed to the compacted sand to avoid the nudists out in full force and prep for Spartan raced, mud laced trainers it was an interesting run!

Education Has No Age Limits

Priscilla Sitienei proves it’s never to late to start learning. 92 years young and the worlds oldest primary school student!  An inspiring lady for International Women’s Day.

Tiger Bubble Padded EnvelopesMetallic Padded Envelopes

The only way to describe Tiger is a revamped up market LibrasPound/Euro/Dollar shop selling everything you didn’t know you needed until you saw it. Like these metallic padded envelopes that make a great alternative to wrapping paper.

Gorjana Replating Service

From this to

Before replating. Gorjana

To this

After replating. GeorgianIn January I found out that Gorjana offers a free replating service for all their jewellery, gold or silver. I posted off my sad looking bracelets back in January and this they week they arrived looking brand spanking new! Thank you Joanna at Gorjana for taking care of them!

Peacock TailPeacock, Barcelona Zoo

I find their tails more beautiful as they fan out them like a cloak out hopping up on fences or perched with their long trains sweeping down. It’s quiet elegant drama compared to when they’re shaking it all for the ladies!

Sephora CardSephora offers

Most store cards I’ve come across in France and Spain aren’t worth signing up for. In the UK, supermarket points cards work for you. Sephora however knows the game. 10% off every 4th buy or 150 points collected. Every 6-8 weeks, they send a 20% off voucher that you can use as many times as you like in a 2 week period. That’s loyalty!

Sunset Wednesday. Sunset MarchReverse sunset March

A grey morning, rain all afternoon, sunshine 2 hours before sunset. Right behind chasing the sun, the moon.

Aj and DLove me a box, AJD, love me some sunshine

AJ: Love me a box

D: Love me some sunshine

What’s been making you smile this week?