Bad Beauty Habits I’m Guilty Of

While I’m if I must say so great at remembering each day to apply SPF, deodorant, eat my greens, fruit, berries, take my vitamins and avoid processed sugar (biscuits happen every now and then), not to go against my principles of products being cruelty free or containing nasty ingredients there are some beauty habits I’m guilty of. I thought it’ll be fun to share these bad habits. So without further ado…

Sleeping With My Makeup On 

I do this more times than I’d like to admit. Sometimes I’m too tired to remove my makeup! I’ll just close my eyes for 10 minutes then wash my face. 5 hours later I wash my face. Skin can’t breath if it’s under layers of makeup and cells have a harder time renewing themselves. Not to mention the build up of blackheads and sebum! I think every now and then won’t do much harm, but two or more times a week skin starts to suffer. When I do finally wake up I usually exfoliate, do a clay mask, a combo of both or a charcoal cleanser or maybe even all 3! I also workout in makeup. Not a full face, I’m no way a full face of makeup girl. BB cream, concealer, eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. To some this might be a bad habit, but to me it’s no different than wearing makeup everyday. Pores will get blocked just as quick. As long as I’m awake to wash it off, it’s all good. 

Leaving Masks On For Longer Than Recommended Time

I read somewhere that clay masks should only be left on for ideally 3 minutes. That’s their ultimate power time. Any longer then start to loose their clay powers. Most clay masks recommended wash off time is 10-15 minutes, 20 minutes max otherwise they can actually start to dry out skin causing more problems than before by upsetting skin’s pH levels. But I can leave them on for 20 plus up to gasp 30 minutes. I forget the time! I get caught up doing other stuff! My attitude with masks are, if my mask is working then I’m working. Doing chores, getting ready for the day I can easily forget the time. I’m just as bad with hair masks. I get busy doing other things and by the time I rinse it out, my hair’s not fairing too good. Sheet masks I’m quite good at remembering to remove. They can start to feel dry so I know it’s time.

Picking Spots

If you ever saw me you know I’m instantly guilty of this. I went a little loco with cyst spots, then regular whiteheads and blackheads. You’ve gotta remove the sack if you don’t want them to return. Well, I have huge scars. I’m getting better but it’s been a huge problem for years (some of it mental). So don’t touch your face. 

Wrong Shade BB Cream/Foundation and or Concealer

Being somewhere between pale and fair it’s hard to find a shade that matches. I go for neutral undertones but sometimes I can look as pale as a ghost, too pink, tired or grey. When people start to say I look tired and I know I’ve been getting enough sleep then it’s the BB cream or concealer shade. 


I’m classifying posture as a beauty habit. Nobody wants a hunchback later in life, rounded shoulders or a turkey neck caused from their head looking down being on phones way too long. I’m guilty for sure of slouching typing, watching tv, general sitting. I’m trying to get into the habit of catching myself with shoulders back and down, head in better alignment. Slouching maybe not be an obviously bad beauty habit, but it’s one that’s so important. Neck wrinkles can form from looking down at a phone, sore neck can add to those wrinkles from discomfort as can sore shoulders and back. Good posture is a good beauty habit.

Not Drinking Enough Water

It’s not like I forget not to drink water, it’s like the masks. I get distracted with other stuff. Not drinking enough water my skin gets dehydrated loosing it’s lustre. Well that’s if it every had any to start with. Hydrated skin equals happy skin. Also if my water bottle is inside my rucksack not in a side pocket, I drink less as the bottle isn’t easy access. 

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Hands up I’m guilty of not getting enough sleep! One way to have happy skin is to get enough sleep. Lack of sleep shows on your face. Bags, tired looking, lack lustre skin, puffy eyes, dark circles around the eyes. That’s why there are so many illuminating and brightening products to give skin a boost as I don’t think anyone sleeps enough. It’s all smoke and mirrors! Seriously though, sleep shows on your face. It’s a balance getting enough vs day to day demands however sleep’s like a daily reset button.

What bad beauty habits are you guilty of? Please share in the comments below! Eyeliner is another for me. More whether the eyeliner gods are awake. Some days it goes great. Other days when my eyes are puffy trying to get a thin line’s impossible. I match as much as I can, but usually there’s no time to rectify. I cross my fingers mascara can hide the slight bleeding into the puffy lids and disguise the miss match line thickness. Just skip the  eyeliner Nat! No! I like the eye definition!

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