Insect Hostel

When I visit Barcelona Zoo which is at least once a week to escape the crazy, I don’t often visit the farm yard animals. Now the Zoo’s open later, I have more time to say hi to more of it’s habitants. The ones I can see anyway. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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Weekly Photo Challenge Boundaries

I saw a t-shrit in Forever21 yesterday that said ‘running late is my workout’. I can 100% put my hand up and say that’s me. You want to get faster cycling, use a bike as transport and run late. You’ll have no option but to be a faster cyclist!

My entries for WPC Boundaries from a few weeks ago. I’m slightly behind with these!

Cat minding their own, Barcelona ZooCat Barcelona Zoo

Nilgai, Barcelona Zoo. They’ve been for most part of the year under habituation at the zoo. Their enclosure is fenced up, but you can peek through the gaps in the slats!Nilgai, Barcelona Zoo

Glass plane between the lemurs and humans at Barcelona Zoo. Which is a good thing as these guys are so cute, you want to join them! Lemur, Barcelona Zoo

Sand, pebbles and rocks divide us from the sea.

Aegean Sea, GreeceAegean SeaAegean Sea

Beach, BarcelonaBeach Barcelona

Railings to stop visitors touching the Jenga like columns, entering the Parthenon, Athens. Lean too close, officials call you out! Parthenon. GreeceBoundaries Weekly Photo Challenge Boundaries

Pigeon Lady

Cat lady and now pigeon lady.

All throughout the summer I’ve been feeding the beach pigeons. Usually it’s a Tone It Up 3 ingredient cookie with added chopped almonds and maca powder or trail mix when I pop by for an after work or training siesta and just because I can siestas at the weekends. Recently I’ve been purposefully taking an extra cookie just for them (they’ve got me wrapped around their pinky claw). They’re not keen on dried cranberries, they like raisins and saltaunas and love almonds if you them break up for them.Beach pigeons

They’re the clean up crew. You leave, they swoop in for leftovers. The past week or 2 I think they know it’s me. The human with snacks. There’s been one who when I unpack is there. I’m sure it’s the same one as s/he has white feathers just under their wing.White WingBeach PigeonsBeach PigeonsBeach PigeonsIMG_8071Beach pigeonsBeach pigeonsBeach pigeons

As beach season winds down, the beach pigeon crew who’ve had it good for months on left over crisps, bread crumbs, sunflower seeds suddenly are with a lesser snack source. Maybe it’s my imagination, maybe they know I’m the one who has snacks, maybe they’re just there when I’m there (most logical), but they swoop in. White Wing the past 2 days was there even before I’d settled down. 3 cookies Monday and half my trail mix yesterday and what seemed like 15 pigeons circling me for snacks. Hungry little b*ggers! So hungry a few brave came about 30 cm away gingerly picking up cookie crumbs. Yesterday while my attention was on the main crowd, one cheeky brave pigeon as I reached for more trail mix was on my sarong gingerly pecking raisins I’d dropped. I don’t mind. I feel honoured they feel they can get that close. I’m wondering where their winter hang out is or do I have to stop by everyday with cookies?!

Aftermath. Nothing but pigeon claw prints!Pigeon claw prints

This lady however is the ultimate feed the wildlife lady. I feed pigeons, she feeds iguanas!Lady feeding iguanas

Shoo away birds, or give them leftovers?

Lady feeding iguana image taken from Google Images