Late Summer

I hope you’re having a great week so far! I’m feeling a little bitter sweet at the moment.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

August is unofficial holiday month here. Most Spanish take August off and the city empties out. I was beginning to think people were on staycations or here was the hottest travel destination in Europe.  Continue reading “Late Summer”

Earth Day 2016

Happy Earth Day! Guanaco Barcelona zoo

I’ve been meaning to post these photos for a while and Earth Day seems like the perfect time. Back in early March it was one of the those sunny winter afternoons. One where if you found a warm spot in the sun wrapped up nice and snug in your winter apparel, feeling the warm sun on your face, the air held a promise that winter will soon pass. Continue reading “Earth Day 2016”

Spring Cleaning

I’m not sure what’s happened. I keep getting distracted easily at the moment. I can’t concentrate as I’m thinking about time vs day vs tasks/chores. I used have a good schedule going then somewhere it all started to unravel before my eyes with me turning a blind eye to it. Like an ostrich with it’s head buried in the sand. It’ll work itself out, it’s just a blip.

Spring jasmineSpring jasmine

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The Dark Side Of Spring

I’m gonna put my absence here for a while down to writers block. That’s my excuse. Okay.

The dark side of Spring. I love Spring simply because Summer follows. I don’t love allergy season. This time every year I get slight eczema on my eyelids. Puffy swollen pink eyelids, on/off blocked sinuses depending on where I am. And sneezes. This year the eczema’s worse. I won’t lie, it gets me down, especially when your eyes look 20 years older. No eye make goes right with puffy eyelids. Eyeliner ends up thicker thanks to the puff. Eyeshadow at the end of the day even with eyeshadow primer wrinkly creased (Today  however I’ve started a new eyeshadow primer, so maybe 10 years older by the end of today).  Dark side of Spring. Wind and rain

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Nats Week

Pj’s at the moment are the best thing since leggings. Changing into looser trousers after being in leggings all day is heaven! So is as many of us girls know, the feeling after a loooong day in a bra. No funny business, just being honest. That’s until the next morning when can’t stand pjs anymore and need to feel secure up top. Or for me it is.

I can’t believe already it’s the last week of February. And a week since my last post. For some reason I’m not into social media at the moment, especially my other favourite social media platform, Instagram. I haven’t been feeling it for a few months. That’s not to say I don’t like it, I do. Night naps have left me taking it or leaving it. I’m working on night naps. They’ve been winning, however I’ve been making changes to deal with them more easily. Work in progress!

Anyways, in what’s become the latest way of posting, Nats Week with photos

I made the zoo! Just. Gates closed behind as I scanned my card Friday.Kangaroo Barcelona Zoo

Flamingo peacock. Peacock flamingoPeacock Flamingo WotchaGazelle Barcelona Zoo

La Maquinista shopping centre/mall Friday. The toilet/bathrooms were more crowded than usual with giggling screeching girls applying make up. A contestant, Roger from La Voz, one of Spains talent shows was holding a signing in Media Markt (I asked a lady in the bathroom queue if she knew who the girls were out for). I caught a glimpse of the guy. He looked about 14 and looking very uneasy. There must have been about 100 girls plus some older ladies not chaperoning. The boys who usually hang outside Apple upstairs looked kinda miffed some Bieber circa 2010 looking and singing guy (I did some research) was taking them out the game.La Maquinista

I finished the arts and crafts cupboard at the weekend following the KonMari Method of decluttering. I can’t believe I can see everything in the cupboard. Weekend plans, this weekend, more decluttering!

Before Arts and crafts cupboard before. KonMari Method

After Arts and Crafts Cupboard After. Konmari Method

3 days until full moon cycling back Friday3 days until full moon Feb 2016

Sunrise Saturday with the sun my favourite shade of pink. Hot pink.Sunrise Feb

12km run and monkey bars Sunday. Muscles ups are getting easier. Still working on bar nose height.Sunday run view

What can I say. It was Monday. I only realised after my workout I had my socks on the wrong foot. It was a good workout, but thanks to the gym refurbishments circuits are taking longer. The circuit’s spread out, it’s a labyrinth negotiating from one end of the gym to another around equipment that’s been pushed together tightly. There’s always someone doing mirror abs, press ups, free weight squats etc under the suspension trainer spots who you can’t say nicely please move, due to the refurbishments as where else are they meant to workout? Where the new abs/stretch cool down place is. Oh that’s right, there’s no mirror there. Which I don’t get as the mirror starts 40cm from the floor so you can’t see yourself doing press ups, crunches, planks anyway. Which means I have to run back and forth with my own suspension trainer in the new abs/stretch place and take it away with me so others can workout in that area without asking can I use my own equipment please or can I remove it please. Long winded way of saying there’s a lot of understanding currently at the gym due to the refurbishments.Left right, right left?

D looking cute, fluffy and full of snuggles. Looking. I ran out of chicken. The supermarket hasn’t had their usual chicken in for a few days and I’m not messing around with legs, bones (vegan, don’t eat meat. But vets orders chicken and crunch). I finally got some and he nagged me the whole time it was cooking. And the little        only ate a little.Dayz dreamingz of Caturday

The Casa Llotja de Mar all lit up. I used to live opposite and it’s only lit up on special occasions. Hosting the annual World Mobile Congress is a special event.Casa Llotja de Mar

Customs released my Tone It Up bundle I ordered last year on Black Friday. Yes, Black Friday last year. Yay! 3 months and admin fees (no savings saved) later, I get my paws on it. I may have hehe giggled and done a little jig. May have. Tone It Up Bundle

I’ve managed to do 3 30 minute Kathryn Budig Yogaglo classes this week. Which is an achievement. I haven’t been keeping up my practice much lately and it’s been showing. Yoga offloads gym workouts and running. If I don’t offload them, trouble starts. I’ve missed yoga and 5 minutes of my own practice here and there isn’t enough.

I’ve started a new Korean tv drama on Netflix. This one’s only 16 episodes long. The last one was 36. Did I mention they’re addictive?

Who have you queued up for to get an autograph or camped out for? Camping out for tickets, autographs never done and I don’t think I’ve queued for an autograph either. I think I have, but whoever it was left such an impression I can’t remember.