Postural Tips. YouTube Made Me Do It.

YouTube has thing of mind reading or rather tracking your viewing with recommend videos in your list. Popping up last Saturday evening were postural correction neck videos. I know my head’s slightly more forward than it should be; forward head posture and my shoulders rounded. I’m always trying to remember posture sitting, on my phone (internet), running, cycling, in the gym and basically everywhere. Emphasis on trying. When I’m tried, stressed, running or in a rush, I tend to forget.images (6)

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I’d thought it’ll be fun to do another why’s, how’s, wtf’s, random thoughts, observations (rants) and Google searches of late. Please feel free to add your own and try not to judge please. I can do stupid things.

Geese have teeth as I found photographing them this week.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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My 8 Winter Essentials

As winter’s kicked here this week I’d like to share with you my current favourite winter essentials. So without further ado, my current winter essentials. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Touchscreen Gloves 

A must if you don’t want your hands to freeze removing gloves to work your (smart) phone. Continue reading “My 8 Winter Essentials”

8 Motivational Workout Tips when Feeling You Can’t be……

I’m sure you’ve heard or read many of the tips and tricks below for when your workout mojo’s slacking. They’re pretty much standard tips, but they work for me. So without further ado, my tried and tested workout tips for when I’m just not feeling it and need a push to get up and moving. IMG_1279

Knowing the thought of that feel good feeling afterwards

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10 Tips for Summer Dressing

As this week marks 11 years living in the Mediterranean, I thought I’d share with you some summer dressing tips I’ve learnt along the way. Being British, I’m probably better apt at winter dressing. However summers are long and hot here and I live for the summer heat so without further ado:

Go for natural fabrics that breathe such as cotton, linen, viscose or blends of the 3. Avoid polyester or nylon unless you enjoy being in a sweat lodge or sauna all day. Cotton polyester blends are okay.IMG_1221 (1)

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