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Thursday definitely wasn’t a day for modesty. I found myself in a x-ray room in just my knickers and socks and later everything on but my jeans at the osteopath. Just as well that after living in the Mediterranean for 9 years, I’m not so shy at the beach anymore. If you have any body image hang ups being sin ropas, spend a summer in a Spanish gym changing room and at the beach. A real opener and a WTH. Ladies of all sizes just parade and not bat an eyelid they’re just only wearing flip-flops heading to the showers. That would never ever happen in a British gym! You can always spot British tourists at the beach. They wear the most covering bikinis possible. 

Nothing wrong with the x-rays apart from they ran out of x-ray film. The osteo confirmed everything on the report was okay. I think she had fun as she, pulled, pressed, clicked my spine and the same to my ankles and feet. I left tired and walking on sunshine. Imagine the most intense foam roller experience tripled, quadrupled and not feeling any pain afterwards. The piriformis muscle was pressing the sciatic nerve and there was way too much tension in the ankle, making it scream the night before. Paul might not trade me in now!

11 x-rays (I got him to x-ray my ankle and foot) meant I had enough radiation inside to light a lightbulb. Not wanting to be a toxic waste land and flush out more toxins from the osteopath, I needed a big dose of antioxidants. The easiest and quickest way, a fresh juice, loads of water and sleep.IMG_3048

Apple, carrot, kiwi, ginger, blueberry, raspberry and a dash of turmeric.

Mr Aj got an all good at the vets and a see you next week. He’s op is in 2 weeks. I crashed for 10 hours of deep sleep, got woken for dinner somewhere in-between, only to fall asleep as soon as I finished. That’s the thing with getting your spine clicked back into place, the body resets itself. Expect to do nothing but sleep while your body repairs and re boots itself for the next 24-48 hours.

Friday I woke to no sciatic pain, no clicky back or an ankle that screamed at the slightest stretch. Just a sore back and a flu like feeling. A walk around a park we always pass by in Juan les Pins and a walk around and a pizza at Cannes was all I could handle before crashing as soon as we got back.IMG_3081 Sunset CannesIMG_3088 IMG_3095

Now all this chica has to do is off load her workouts better and go easy on herself!

What’s your favourite detox, antioxidant juice? Do you let your body recover when it to rest?

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