Thunderstorms, Salt Water, Rainbows and Scarves

I’m not sure which is more crazy. Me buying a winter scarf in 30C or that I can buy a scarf in 30C that I won’t wear for at least 4 more months.

The shops are now filled with autumn/winter collections. I saw puffer coats in Zara the other day. It gets me every year in Spain. It can be 30C midday at the end of September. As soon as the summer sales finish, winter arrives. I know the designers and shops already had the designs planned early this early for to be ready. Much like the fashion houses from the 1800’s when it took months to make the next season’s collections. Designs were sent out early, so ladies could choose in advance what they wanted. Kinda like Spring/Summer Fashion Week in the autumn before. Some days I just don’t get it. I don’t want to be looking at winter attire when it’s 28C! In some countries (UK summer?) this works, others it doesn’t. What if you live in the Tropics and don’t have cold seasons? Jeans and T shirt?

I’m gradually getting over my chewing gum feeling. This week’s got busy and next week’s looking the same. If I’m busy I can push the feeling aside.

Dips in the sea help. I swear salt water cures nearly everything! It’s the original poor mans hydro therapy. Muscle aches disappear. I’m gonna miss them when it’s gets too chilly soon to go in (and be wanting that scarf to warm up as my hands loose sensation, turn yellow, fingernails go blue if I do go in! Maybe the fashion houses have got it right!). Wednesday when I got back from work and the gym I could hardly keep my eyes open. I did what I could before leaving again to run errands. But I had to stop off somewhere on the way as I knew it would wake me up!Nearly crystal clear

There’s something about the sea. It draws us, it calms us. It can be our friend or foe. I swear when it’s hot a dip cools down the water inside internally. Thoughts disappear. It’s just me and the sea and 100 others doing the same! In the winter, just sitting watching the waves calms us. Wednesday it was nearly crystal clear, cool (the worst for perfect beach hair afterwards. When it’s warm and salty, perfect beach hair! Cooler and less salty, my hair’s a mess!) and for a moment I forgot about everything. August Thunderstorm

Yesterday’s beach time was a little different. The ground wind was a different direction to the cloud wind (I hope that makes sense). Cycling to the beach hot blue skies. I lock my bike, dark rainclouds roll in from nowhere. The wind picked up, the beach emptied. I stayed put thinking it won’t last long. No one was allowed in the water, it started to rain, but nah, I wasn’t leaving. Huddled in my cape sarong the lifeguards walking to shelter asked if I was okay as it’s an ‘electric storm’. Said thank you, I’m ok, thinking, photos!

August ThunderstormAugust Thunderstorm
When it really tipped it down I made my way to the nearest beach bar with others doing the same. 5 minutes later if that, blue skies and a double rainbow! No dip as I didn’t know if I’d warm up after (I needed that scarf!). I was drench anyways and spend the rest of the late afternoon drying off (ok sunbathing!). Even the weather’s breaking the chewing gum feeling!August ThunderstormAugust ThunderstormAugust Thunderstorm

I’m gonna be cliche and quote Dolly Parton. “The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain!”. There’s always light after dark, always sunshine chasing away the clouds. Things pass, so shall this chewing gum feeling until next time. Because let’s admit it, rainbows are pretty cool!August ThunderstormAugust ThunderstormAugust Thunderstorm
And that scarf. Winter beach colours.H&M A/W15/16 ScarfWhat’s your favourite quote, metaphor ? Beach during the rain or stay home? One person sheltering was laughing ‘I don’t get it. They swim in the sea, get wet, but when it rains, they leave!’ Or something like that. I said because it’s not pretty, which he laughed and said ‘Because it’s not pretty! Look the sun’s coming out, It’s pretty now!’ Or something like that. It might have got lost in translation!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forces Of Nature

I’m still waiting for my camera to be fixed. February I sent it off for repair. It’s now the middle of May. They’re taking the biscuit. I’ve holding off chasing it as I keep giving them the benefit of doubt. Maybe tomorrow I’ll receive an email saying it’s ready for collection. I took 4 months for my watch to be repaired, so waiting’s the game in Spain. I’ve been using iPhone in the mean time, but it’s not the same. I miss my camera.

This week’s challenge is Forces of Nature. Enjoy

Triora Italy, 2013. The last place to hold witch trails in Italy. Full of abandoned buildings now taken over plants, spiders, mice and who knows what. Some buildings send shivers down my spine, felt cold or my imagination was running high. Triora ItalyDolceaqua, or Sweet Water, Italy, 2012dolceaqua ItalyFlooding. Parc Vaugrenier, France, 2013/4IMG_2830Storm Clouds, Antibes, France, 2013/4IMG_4754Storm, Antibes, France 2013. IMG_7008Mistral, Cap d’Antibes, France, 2014.IMG_6568Winter Storm, Barcelona, 2014Winter Storm, BarcelonaWeekly Photo Challenge  Forces of Nature

Weekend Friday Favourites

I beginning to think the weather has a vendetta against me. Firstly whenever I’m pushed for time or have left to get there in time for a once I’m cycling into the wind. Then the rain as it has done the last few times I’ve cycled in it, stops when I arrive at my destination. Hence no Friday run view.

Wednesday when I set off to drop off business cards, it was lightly raining. No biggie. The sun came out for the first time all day just before sunset so I though, the sun’s out, there’s a rainbow, the rain will clear up. Err, 20 minutes in it gets heavier and heavier. I wore my rain coat over my coat, but it didn’t stand a chance. I abandoned the cards (first impressions right?), decided there wasn’t much point cycling back home as I was half way in. I’d run the errands I had planned after dropping off cards. When I got the centre, the rain stopped like it does now whenever I arrive somewhere, but it’s February, the coldest month here and I’m soaked from the waist down and did I mention it’s cold? Fortunetly I was wearing leggings so they dried out quickly and non leather boots so my feet were dry, but it was too late. Not even a hot chocolate could save me from the next 3 days! Too many times in the rain = chesty cough, flu type you ain’t doing nada. I did get a new rain coat, hat and gloves out of it though!

Sunshine ahead, means no more rain. Right? Ha!No rain

So no Friday run view. I pushed it Thursday. I felt better, so I though I’ll try the gym. Yes, I know, NO! I knew the 1st set I shouldn’t be there, but pushed through. Cycling back, the closer I got home, the further away it was. When I did finally get in after playing the lift dance, ‘no you go, 4 people and 1 bike can’t fit in, plus you want me to cough all over you?’ I thought I was dreaming. Diesel asking for his dinner was the only way I knew I wasn’t! I rarely take sick days and not work out (read as you want) and knew I had to rest. I could just manage a bike ride grocery shopping! Last time it was this bad, I had to get on with it as I was on my gym instruction course. Colds hit me in the chest, nice, chesty coughs that attack my throat, leaving it raw. But I’m feeling better after trip to the herbalist. I was fed up with sleeping all day Saturday so I decided to cheer myself up looking around Sephora and give into the Starbucks hot soya chocolate I was craving. I only went to the herbalist shop thinking they might have washing detergent to save me a journey across the city (there’s seems to be only one shop that sells the Attitude range in Barcelona). To ask for something to help my cough was an after thought!

Anyways, this weekends Friday Favourites:

National Geographic What Makes  A Good Sled Dog

I had to smile that the best dogs are a bit of everything and that they love to work. I was surprised to learn that each dog or each line as a specific role and it’s not just the front two that take the lead. The two closest to the sled, wheel dos, steer and know how wide to take corners. Plus they’re all good looking dogs!

National Geographic Pure Hawaiian Photo Galley

I hate getting out my depth in water, but I still love the sea. One day I’ll visit!

BromeliaBromeilaIt said hello shopping and I’d been after a colourful house plant for a while, so I said okay! It’s relativity easy to care for and cat friendly.

Good Shoes Take You Good Places

I came across this quote this week and thought it’s true. They don’t have to be the most expensive shoes, but taking care of shoes, taking a bit of pride, is what I’m trying to do now. I’m also looking for a charity in Spain that does what Soles for Shoes does in the USA to over come poverty through shoes and clothes in places like Haiti.

AJ and Dvacuum cleaner does things

Nobody likes the vacuum cleaner in this house! I also couldn’t ask for a better cat nurse. Aj’s been great looking after me and D’s still getting the hang of it as long as his tummy’s full!

The Sea ThursdayMed Sea 5.2.15

The Wonder Cough InfusionWonder Cough infusion

I’d been trying to combat the cough/flu with hot lemon and fresh ginger, but needed something stronger. After 2 cups of a mix of the two infusions I woke up Sunday feeling a lot better. Still not 100% and dancing yet, but feeling stronger.

Hope you’re having a great weekend! What’s been making you smile this week? Do you go for ‘western medicine’ for colds or something more traditional? I’ll admit, I took some paracetamol to help with my sore throat and headaches, but I’m convinced the tea’s helping kick it.