Weekend Friday Favourites

I hope you’re having a great weekend! This week’s been another week where I’ve felt like I need 3 of me so I haven’t dropped by as much as I’d have liked. I’m hoping from next week I can stop by more often now I don’t have as many dentist visits or extra errands. I stopped by to collect my new retainers this week (I managed to snap my top retainer the week before) only to not be able to remove the top retainer! It took the dentist about 20 minutes filling it down until I could remove it easily. I think I tested his patience as every time he filed it down for me to try again I was, seriously I can’t remove it! He was like remove it like this, with me, I’ve been wearing this style of retainer for 10 months. I know how to remove them, it’s too tight!

Anyways, Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have made me smile or caught my eye this week. New retainers didn’t make the cut.


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World Tiger Day

Happy Belated International Tiger Day!*

It’s sad to think that the big cats who’ve inspired countless tales and characters from A.A. Milne’s Tigger, The Jungle Book’s Shere Khan, Aladdins Rajah to Frostie’s Tony the Tiger may soon disappear from the wild all together. Some tiger species are already extinct. Gone the same way as the Dodo.Tiger Barcelona Zoo

According to tigerday.org in the last 100 years we’ve lost 97% of the worlds wild tigers. From 100,000 down to a few as 3000 in the wild. There are more tigers in captivity, zoos, private zoos, circuses and tiger farms. Yes, tiger farms, sadly supplying a pathetic black market that thinks tiger parts work magic making them super humans (aka dumb humans). Tiger magic is a proud tiger going about his tiger business.

Unfortunately these majestic wild cats business is under threat from habits loss, human wildlife conflict, poaching and climate change. In just 5 years, wild tigers could be extinct. The WWF is working to double the the number of wild tiger by 2022.  Find out here how they’re hoping to achieve this through conservation and education projects and how you can help.

This guy may be in a zoo, on it’s ownsome, I wish their enclosure was bigger and I’m not sure if they’re a lucky or unlucky one, (or a boy or girl hence the pronouns switches!), but they’re majestic in every way. His keepers work at keeping her/him stimulationed, their tiger senses sharp and for the most part s/he seems content. Apart from feeding and bedtime pacing like a house cat. Ha! He’s also love photo ops when he’s in the mood and loves to play hide and seek with the cameras. Barcelona Zoo’s Sumatran tiger!Tiger Barcelona Zoo

What’s your favourite big cat? How do you think we can save the tigers, rhinos, elephants and many other animals on the threatened and vulnerable list from extinction?

*I started writing this last night on WordPress’s app, great for short posts but unfortunately feel asleep while writing it. I kid you not!