Recycle Less: Recent Plastic Free Finds

Welcome to another Recycle Less! For the past few years I’ve been cutting down my plastic waste, trying to buy less, reuse, repurpose and find plastic free alternatives. 

Food and cosmetics remain my number one plastic waste. Thankfully more brands are using bio degradable plastics and glass bottles. Sometimes however the price tag is still too high. Sometimes there isn’t a plastic free alternative. Sometimes you look at the label on glass bottle, realise the sticky label’s plastic. Sometimes you know the ingredients in the skin care or hair care bottle is better for you and the environment when washed or flushed down the drain, however the bottle’s plastic. One thing I am noticing is European supermarkets like Carrefour and Alcampo own brands are finding plastic free alternatives. For example going back to foil and cardboard for chocolate bars, while other main name brands are still wrapping chocolate in plastic. It’s a small step in the right direction.

Anyways, recent Recycle Less Finds

Bambaw Bamboo Bottle Brush Set

Plastic free bottle cleaners have been on my to buy list of ages however the prices were never right or they didn’t ship to Spain. Cleaning bottles I was relying on shaking soapy water in the bottle after the last bottle cleaner plastic bristles disintegrated and letting water run into the bottle until no more suds were left. I’d completely forgot about replacing them until checking Amazon basket total they were in the save for later basket. The bristles are sisal bristles are made from the agave plant with a soft cotton mop like end. They work great. I still have to let the water run rinsing out suds, however the bottles are so much cleaner. I like that they come in different sizes and lengths. Rather than use the spilt ring, I use an old keyring carabiner, hanging them on a hook next to the sieves and colanders.

BamBaw Reusable Paper Towels

Two years later I purchased bamboo ‘paper’ towel replacements I used the roll up! They last up to 40-50 washes and are perfect dusting, wiping cats eyes and ears of gunk, basically anything you’d use paper towels for. I still use paper towels, more so when I was cleaning up the cat’s sick, bless them, ‘lid’ for fermenting apple cider vinegar and kombucha, however since using the bamboo towels, paper towel usage has dropped. These are a perfect replacement of the first roll. Only plastic, sticky tape wrapping the packaging.

Carrefour Bamboo Toothbrush 

I found this on holiday and think it’s great supermarkets are making their own plastic free alternatives rather that relying on brands they sell to come up with them. Previous bamboo toothbrushes I’ve had to purchase online. I was using Freshly Cosmetics bamboo toothbrush which I purchase in their flash sales as they’re expensive, €4.00. I prefer flat top toothbrushes which work better I find if you brush down your teeth rather then scrub them. Flat top toothbrushes are harder to find hence Freshly Cosmetics version. Carrefour’s is flat top with nice firm bristles which are made from castor oil (as per the packaging. I’m not sure if it’s a mix with nylon or are all castor oil). It’s half the price of Freshly’s at €2.10. So far I’m happy with it! I know Colagate have released a bamboo toothbrush which I refuse to buy based on them testing on animals

Muy Mucho 100% Cotton Napkins

Another purchase that was on the to buy list that I forgot was on the list. Something said go into Muy Mucho which I don’t do often as it’s fatal if I do. The reason that voice said go in, 100% organic cotton, unbleached napkins for €2.99 for 2! I got 2 packs. The only plastic the label tag. I was a good girl and didn’t buy anything else while in Muy Mucho. 

Are you trying to find plastic free alternatives? If so, what are your recent finds? Please share in the comments below!

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