Reflexology and Rainbows

I was more than okay for this past weekend to be a little more low key than action packed. Friday blocked sinuses thanks to allergies morphed into a blocked nose, sore throat and then cough that I’m nearly over. Saturday evening I couldn’t sleep, everything ached and in desperation I tried the head massager thingy which helped and then the idea of reflexology popped up. 

A quick Google search later for reflexology for block sinuses later I was breathing better. The site then suggested facial reflexology to help sinuses. I just wanted the cold gone Continue reading “Reflexology and Rainbows”

12 Hours In Madrid Part 3

I didn’t enjoy the afternoon as much as I did the morning. I could feel a migraine beginning to hit thanks to heavy traffic fumes and what seemed like every 3rd doorway someone was standing outside smoking. I kept my water intake up as much as possible, but it still hit. Walking up and down endless Metro stairs a few hours later felt like my brain was rattling around with a little wave of nausea each time. I’m sure my resting bitch face was in full overdrive. My camera battery had died after Templo de Debod so I wasn’t able to get shots I wanted with my iPhone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful of my iPhone’s camera, I just knew they weren’t going to be how I wanted.img_4594

Hungry after Templo de Debod, an Egyptian tomb found in the heart of Madrid, our next mission was finding somewhere to eat. Continue reading “12 Hours In Madrid Part 3”

Barcelona Street Art AKA Graffiti

Barcelona has a reputation of being hip. One of the cities to visit if traveling in Europe. There’s a bit of something for everyone.

It’s also a city that has a reputation for street art. Especially the graffiti kind. There are a lot of crap tags, but equally there’s a lot of great art work sprayed on the walls. The best pieces get respect and can be around untouched for months. The city’s even dedicated a walls solo for graffiti (the most popular is near Placa Espanya behind the Hilton Hotel). It’s not usual for shops ask graffiti artists to commission pieces on their shutters to avoid getting tagged and there’s always a cheeky piece popping up where you least expect it. These are what I’ve stubbled across out and about in the last few months. Enjoy!Graffiti El BorneGraffiti cactijimmy on the rocks graffiti Graffiti dog with pink heartPalm tree mural graffitiPeacock mural graffiti Black cat graffiti Stencil cat graffiti Shark door graffiti Angry birds graffiti Toxic air graffitiZebra graffiti Peace kitty cat graffiti


Parc de la Ciutadella, Moonrise and Cat Nip Dealing

Oh Monday’s.

I’m gradually beginning to run rings around you. Not you running rings around me!

I hope you had a great weekend! No snow blizzard here, or rain the UK keeps getting. Just another groundhog weekend. More KonMari Method decluttering, home workouts curtesy of Tone It Up, long run Sunday and the zoo. No idea how I made the zoo in time. I got back from my run at 15.47, showered, made a smoothie, threw my face on and got there at 16.59. 1 minute before the gates closed. The wind wasn’t even in my favour as I sprint cycled there! Legs of steel baby, legs of steel!

I did do something a little different Friday. I had an item to return and choose La Maquinista centre commercial (shopping centre/mall) instead of heading into the centre. Like in the centre on Wednesdays when it’s football season and Barça’s playing it’s relativity quiet on Fridays. Less queues at both the tills and changing rooms! Next season items are starting to appear and it was fun for a little while trying them on. Plus finding my size! Has anyone else noticed that shops now hardly restock clothes or popular lines? It’s like clothes are fast food, fast fashion. I remember if a shop didn’t have your size, there’d be another delivery within a week. Now, it’s snap it up or miss out (or if it’s a Zara or H&M item you can’t live without, troll the other 5 Zara’s and H&M’s all in the centre, within 10 minutes walking distance of each other.). I’m not sure if this is just in Europe but I’ve noticed that in both France and Spain especially dry goods, if they’ve sold out, try next week. In the UK it’s try tomorrow! I get told try online, but if I wanted it that badly and checked, it’s sold out!

Shopping and trying on clothes isn’t the different thing, the different thing is I ate out. What?! I don’t eat out often as it’s tricky being a vegan. It’s either vegan restaurants who try to be different with the concept not always hitting it, veggie burgers or Asian restaurants. I opted for a wok, but it wasn’t the same as previous times I’ve eaten there. It was like they put no care in it and my favourite, spring rolls dry. I don’t write about food much as I leave it to those in the know, but I think next time I’ll go for MacDonalds fries, peppermint tea and pineapple chunks as a get me home snack! They’ll probably sit better too.

I’ll leave you with photos from the weekend! Have a great week!


Bike ride, Parc Ciutadella Sunset Parc Ciutadella

Sunset over the boating lake Sunset Parc Ciutadella PARAKEETS! I love their cheeky personalities! Whenever I hear them chatter away it always brings a smile. Parakeets, Parc Ciutadella Parakeets, Parc Ciutadella Parakeets, Parc Ciutadella Peeking through the gates of Parliament of Catalunya’s LibraryBiblioteca, Parliament de Catalunya Last light Sunset, Barcelona Sunset Barcelona 1 day until full moon moon rise 1 day until full moon moon rise. Waxing moonLast light reflected on wavesCat snugglesCat snuggles Working out under Mr Aj’s watchful eyeMr AJ, PTSorting out the cats cupboard and feeling like a cat nip dealer Diesel and catnip


14km run up the coast and the only time the sun shone. Rest of the day grey skiesSunday 14k runPatas monkey, Barcelona ZooPatas Monkey, Barcelona ZooShifty looking seagullShifty seagullThose eyelashes!Gazelle, eyelashes and then some, Barcelona ZooI have a thing for tropical leaves. There’s something about them. I’ve no idea the name this plant and it’s pink flowers, which have sprung up recently brightened up an otherwise grey day.Springs coming!No idea the name of these either, but they added colour cycling Friday!Purple winter flowers



I can’t believe that a month ago I was in France celebrating my friends wedding. Neither can I believe how impressed I was with my driving!

I always used to try get out off driving in France. The French are crazy drivers. Indicators, why bother, they’re just fancy flashing decorative lights, they bump cars parking without a blink of an eye and it’s the only country I know of, where there are signs approaching roundabouts saying you do not have the right of way. I learnt to drive in the UK and I’ll be honest, when I go back to visit, I’m not that confident driving. I’ve spent more time cycling on the right that I did driving on the left. I’d got used to the gear stick being on my right. Going to my friends wedding I had no choice but to drive. Public transport wasn’t an option (buses stop at 8pm!), so I had to get on with it. It didn’t help my hire car only had 6km on the clock either. Brand spanking new. Not that much pressure not to prang it! But, I surprised myself. I had no problems, no fears, negotiated out of tight parking spots I’d have otherwise have flustered about. I may have accidentally drove in the bus lane for a few minutes and I have have not paid for parking once as I didn’t think you had to, because we always went there on the motorbike and you don’t have to pay parking with a motorbike. Maybe because I knew the area, maybe because it was about time I’d learnt to drive! And you know what, I had fun!

Eze is nestled high on a rocky out croft overlooking the Mediterranean Sea between Monaco and Nice. The drive from Nice along the sea road is amazing. I chose the sea road rather than the motorway not only because I’m not that condifdent on motorways, but because the views are spectacular. Especially driving above the port/marina by Cap d’Ail. On any given day the views from Eze overlook the sea, but the day I went, I was so high up I was driving in a rain cloud! Crossing the viaduct approaching the village I could just see in front of the car. Sadly due to the rain cloud sea views were non existent. But that didn’t distract from it’s charm. The whole village was blanketed in cloud which only added to it’s mystical medieval-ness.

Eze has a rich history and has exchanged many hands, among them, Phoenician, Greek, Roman, Moorish and French. It was under the principality of Monaco so probably at one point Italian too. It’s home to the 5 star, Relais et Chateau, Chateau de la Chèvre d’Or or Golden Goat Chateau. One day I’ll make it in time to visit the le Jardin Exotique located at the top of the village full of mediterranean plants. Every time I/we’ve visited by the time we’ve made it to the top of the village, it’s closed. Next time! Just next door to the garden on a non cloudy day you can see the Golden Goat overlooking the Sea.

Entrance to the Chateau de la Chèvre d’Or. Entrance to Chateau de la Chevre d'Or, EzeEze

Fragonard, the Perfumer. Their main shops and museum are located in Grasse, however I always preferred visiting Eze to Grasse when I lived in the area.

The same view, taken about 1.5 years apart!

Turquoise waters along sea road via the Promenade des Anglais, Nice. That’s how confident I was driving. Enough to wind down the window and take photos. Stopped at traffic lights of course!

Have you ever been to the Cote Azur? What’s your favourite part of it? I always preferred visiting the towns and villages on the way to Italy.