Summer Holiday Vacay 2018. Calpe

The first day of our holidays, second if including travel we stayed local exploring Calpe. The morning started like most the rest of the week, lazy. The place was so quiet and sunny, I wanted to soak it up as much as possible. So after breaky, a Studio Tone It Up workout which also featured daily, earlyish afternoon we headed to into Calpe. 

The first stop was one of the beaches, where else? We enjoyed sunny skies for 20mins before storm clouds rolled in. Thankfully it didn’t rain and the water was so warm rain clouds didn’t matter. Neither did the slight air temp drop Continue reading “Summer Holiday Vacay 2018. Calpe”



And she’s back after a few weeks absence. I took a few weeks off blogging, partly lack of motivation repeating the same old, not much going on, who wants to hear my thoughts vs how many zoo photos can I share, to my brain slowly feeling like it’s loosing cells not being *cough* creative, using it it. Continue reading “Summertime”