Weekly Photo Challenge: ROY G. BIV

Or as I know it, Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain! Colours of the rainbow!


Red: Rose, Eze Village, France 2015Rose, Eze Village

Orange: Sunrise, Antibes France 2013/4Sunrise Antibes, France

Yellow: Flowers Parc Ciutadella, June 2015Flowers, Parc Ciutadella,

Green: Turqouise waters off Badalona Pier, June 2015IMG_2343

Blue: The Sky! Pigeons, Barcelona 2015IMG_1213

Indigo: Sunset, Antibes France 2013/4IMG_6616

Violet: (Kinda!) Flowers, Cap d’Antibes, 2015IMG_0363

As I’m having problems accessing my photos (long story) rainbow taken from my Instagram feed over the Mediterranean sea, Barcelona last year. Is this cheating?!Rainbow, Barcelona 2015

ROY G. BIV Weekly Photo Challenge ROY G. BIV



I can’t believe that a month ago I was in France celebrating my friends wedding. Neither can I believe how impressed I was with my driving!

I always used to try get out off driving in France. The French are crazy drivers. Indicators, why bother, they’re just fancy flashing decorative lights, they bump cars parking without a blink of an eye and it’s the only country I know of, where there are signs approaching roundabouts saying you do not have the right of way. I learnt to drive in the UK and I’ll be honest, when I go back to visit, I’m not that confident driving. I’ve spent more time cycling on the right that I did driving on the left. I’d got used to the gear stick being on my right. Going to my friends wedding I had no choice but to drive. Public transport wasn’t an option (buses stop at 8pm!), so I had to get on with it. It didn’t help my hire car only had 6km on the clock either. Brand spanking new. Not that much pressure not to prang it! But, I surprised myself. I had no problems, no fears, negotiated out of tight parking spots I’d have otherwise have flustered about. I may have accidentally drove in the bus lane for a few minutes and I have have not paid for parking once as I didn’t think you had to, because we always went there on the motorbike and you don’t have to pay parking with a motorbike. Maybe because I knew the area, maybe because it was about time I’d learnt to drive! And you know what, I had fun!

Eze is nestled high on a rocky out croft overlooking the Mediterranean Sea between Monaco and Nice. The drive from Nice along the sea road is amazing. I chose the sea road rather than the motorway not only because I’m not that condifdent on motorways, but because the views are spectacular. Especially driving above the port/marina by Cap d’Ail. On any given day the views from Eze overlook the sea, but the day I went, I was so high up I was driving in a rain cloud! Crossing the viaduct approaching the village I could just see in front of the car. Sadly due to the rain cloud sea views were non existent. But that didn’t distract from it’s charm. The whole village was blanketed in cloud which only added to it’s mystical medieval-ness.

Eze has a rich history and has exchanged many hands, among them, Phoenician, Greek, Roman, Moorish and French. It was under the principality of Monaco so probably at one point Italian too. It’s home to the 5 star, Relais et Chateau, Chateau de la Chèvre d’Or or Golden Goat Chateau. One day I’ll make it in time to visit the le Jardin Exotique located at the top of the village full of mediterranean plants. Every time I/we’ve visited by the time we’ve made it to the top of the village, it’s closed. Next time! Just next door to the garden on a non cloudy day you can see the Golden Goat overlooking the Sea.

Entrance to the Chateau de la Chèvre d’Or. Entrance to Chateau de la Chevre d'Or, EzeEze

Fragonard, the Perfumer. Their main shops and museum are located in Grasse, however I always preferred visiting Eze to Grasse when I lived in the area.

The same view, taken about 1.5 years apart!

Turquoise waters along sea road via the Promenade des Anglais, Nice. That’s how confident I was driving. Enough to wind down the window and take photos. Stopped at traffic lights of course!

Have you ever been to the Cote Azur? What’s your favourite part of it? I always preferred visiting the towns and villages on the way to Italy.

Cap d’Antibes

The 68th Festival de Cannes 2015 is in full swing and with the Monaco Grand Prix coming up, May on the French Riveria’s filled with glitz and glamour. But you don’t have to be a millionaire billionaire to appreciate its beauty or taste those yacht views.

Cap d’Antibes not far from Cannes, after Cap d’Ail is France’s 2nd most expensive real estate. Millionaires villa garden paths lead to gates opening up to spectacular Mediterranean Sea views. My one biggest regret leaving France was we’d only just discovered you could walk its coastal path, Chemin des Contrebandiers or Smugglers Path where these gates open up to. Previously I’d just ran on the main road through the Cap. We’d walked part of the path, but not its entirety. When I was in France a few weeks ago for my friends wedding, I had a spare few hours before my flight back. I knew exactly where I wanted to go. Cap d’Antibes and Parc Vaugrenier!

The path’s open to the public except in bad weather. Starting behind the Restaurant le Cesar and Plages/beaches Keller and Garoup, it snakes along rocks, up and down steps over looking the Baie des Anges (Bay of Angels) until you it takes you inland for the return. I skipped the inland bit and walked back along the sea. Trainers and jeans are fine to walk it in. It’s also a great trail path for runners. Don’t expect thanks for letting people pass by when the path narrows. Few did and few let me have right of way and those who did got thanks. That’s just how it works there. That aside, it’ll take 1-2hrs depending on how many photos you’ll take. I highly recommend walking it if you’re ever on the Côte Azur. Enjoy!  Cap d'Antibes

Villa gates leading to the seaCap d'Antibes

Cap d'Antibes

Cap d'AntibesI swear this is the tree Monet painted in Cap d’Antibes! On a clear day you can see the Alps in the distance as on the notice below. The day I went was hazy. During a Mistral or bad storms, the path maybe closed, but the water is an amazing shade of turquoise. Cap d'Antibes

Parking is free, busy at the weekends so arrive early especially on Sundays when the restaurants are in high demand. There’s a public WC on the beach, but I couldn’t find it. If you need to go and can’t find the toilette publique you have to buy a drink in one of the restaurants. That’s how it works in France!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall

I’ve split this weeks challenges into 2 parts. Walls in the traditional sense and what goes on walls. As usual a little tale with each one and who know’s maybe one day I’ll edit to just 2 photos!

Cap d’Antibes, France, 2014

Cap d'Antibes Cap d'AntibesCap d'Antibes

After living in France for about 2 years and month before leaving we finally hiked the Cap d’Antibes, a 5 minute car journey down the road. I know and if we had known before you could hike around it, I’m sure  we’d have explored all it. If you’re ever on the Cote d’Azur, it’s well worth the trip, once you’ve found the trail head.

Sea Wall Antibes, France, 2014AntibesI kinda took this view for granted after a few months. Build in the Roman times with some parts still standing, painted by Monet and countless other artists, it adds to the old town charm.

Pigeons, Marble Arch, London, UK, 2013Pigeons, Marble Arch Pigeons. Marble ArchEarly December and freezing! These guys were taking advantage of the late morning sun spots. I love how they look huddled sporting big winter coats as they puff out their feathers for warmth. You can almost hear them talking in a Lundon accent. “Alwight, Gov?”

Graffiti Barcelona, 2014Graffiti, Barcelona

Taken on a morning run. Sometimes graffiti’s an eyesore, other times it brightens up your day. These guys reminded me of Grease.

Christmas, Barcelona 2014Christmas Barcelona Exploring a side street off Passeig de Gracia, nestled in all the window ledges a restaurant had decked them out with lanterns and pine cones adding Christmas magic of Christmas past. Sometimes it’s the small things, the attention to detail that bring everything together.

Las Arenas, Barcelona 2014Las Arenas BarcelonaWhile this technically isn’t a wall, a restaurant in the old bull ring, had stars lined up in the bushes outside which added to the Christmas feel. Unfortunately they weren’t doing a good job go enticing people in.

Euro Nettuno, San Remo, Italy, 2014

Euro Nettuno San Remo

A beautiful place and I loved how this private beach (all are nearly and €5 for an all day sun lounger isn’t bad) had a 1950’s Sophia Loren feel. All the cabins/changing rooms doors were blue turquoise with white washed walls. Flowers added pops of pinks and purple. San Remo is another must if you’re ever travelling/visiting north west Italy. A beautiful part of the world.


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