World Wildlife Day

Happy World Wildlife Day!

In honour of World Wildlife Day some of my favourite wildlife photos taken this year! Can I go back to Hawaii and California please?! Seriously though, the UN’s World Wildlife Day is to raise awareness to help conserve our biodiversity. Everything is connected making Earth stable no matter how big or small. Nature likes balance and without wildlife our world would be turned upside down for the roles they play. Every little thing we can do to help conserve wild fauna and flora no matter how small. Our planet is filled with beautiful treasures if you take time to look or just be patient to see what will say hi 🙂

DSCF9394Blackbird drying off after a bath! Continue reading “World Wildlife Day”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet

Most of my under my feet shots are of me running for Instagram posts or my shoes and fancy tiles. Usually a new pair and Barcelona’s rose pavement tiles.

Peacocks roam free at Barcelona Zoo. Sometimes they have it easy, sometimes I think they wish they’d had an enclosure of their own. Kids love to chase them, they like to hide. The guys are always a hit in ‘hey girl’ season. I just like them as they’re a challenge to photograph. They never keep still! Always strutting, just a metre in front, teasing me I can capture their tail feathers! Enjoy!

Peacock, Barcelona ZooPeacock, Barcelona ZooBeneath Your Feet Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet