May 2022 Part 1. Late Spring Glow

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I took a little break this month to redesign the site. In hindsight I should have done it before it got hotter as just trying to change font size can take forever. Looking up code to copy and paste as I have no idea how to write it or trying out different plugins. When the outside wasn’t calling as much it would have been easier to work on it. I’m thinking of taking a basic free code course just so I know what to look for when looking for code to copy, as it would be better to have a little understanding of how css language works.

Gibbon Barcelona Zoo. How I feel most days. Just waiting

May would have been the perfect month to do it or the first half at least, however I spent too much time deciding on which hosting site to be with, how everything works. In the end I upgraded to WordPress Pro. I was unsure of migrating everything and sometimes it’s better to stick with what you know. I can learn what I can and when I know what I’m doing can choose elsewhere. The second half of May was so warm this year! It’s always around the 18th May usually a week or so after my birthday the temps go up. This year they were more like late June temps and stuck around. I don’t mind one little bit apart from super humid days where the promise of rain is just a few drops. 

Abstract pond ripples

May was the month I paid a ridiculous amount for shower curtain. My previous 100% cotton shower curtain didn’t survive it’s last wash after about 1.3 years of having it. I couldn’t find another 100% cotton shower curtain so I paid €49.90, yes €50 for a linen shower curtain I’ve already bleached for mould built up. I’ve worked out to reduce bathroom mould in the summer after showering, leave a floor or standing fan blasting the curtain and shower/bath unit until dry. I paid €50 so you don’t have too. The full review’s here

One of my ‘friends’ at Barcelona Zoo is back! I remember having little conversations with one of the Amazonian Parrots. The festive used to come up, say Hola and sit with me while I spoke random stuff to it. I think in 2019 they disappeared. The info sign too. I asked via email what happened and got told they’d sadly died. I think it was part of a customs haul in the 80’s. Earlier this year as usual saying hi to parrots as I always do, one came running up to say hi. They don’t talk whenever I go, instead they stop what they’re doing and come to the front of it’s cage. Yes cage, I know. I swear it’s the same parrot. It has the same claw missing and looks the same albeit a little more haggard. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t regardless I have a new friend. 

Recycle Less: Zara Home 100% Linen Shower Curtain Review And Keeping The Bathroom Mould/Mold Free During Hot Humid Months

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Welcome to another Recycle Less where I share my journey on using less plastic, repurposing towards recycling less in general. This edition features Zara Home 100% linen shower curtain and a tip on how to keep the bathroom mould free during hot humid months. 

A while back I shared my Zara Home 100% cotton shower curtain review. At the time of purchase they had the linen curtain however I was not prepared to pay €49.99 for a shower curtain. I didn’t want to buy a PVC or any type of plastic shower curtain. When it comes to replacing it, it’s more plastic waste. I have kept the previous plastic curtain for when I do something messy that requires floor protecting. 

I was happy with the cotton shower curtain. It machined washed fine, bleached fine to remove the mould when there was heavy bathroom traffic. However being a natural fibre it was only so long until the cotton basically got rotten. I think it survived about 1 year 3 months, which isn’t that cost effective compared to cheaper previous PVC curtains that have lasted me for a years each. It didn’t survive it’s last machine wash with massive holes. Mini floods occurred and I needed a new curtain. Again it wasn’t going to be plastic of any type. 

100% European grown line, produced with artificial irrigation, natural growth techniques help preserve biodiversity and products without using genetically modified seeds.

Zara Home did sell at the time of purchase in April, the same grey leopard print shower curtain, however they switched the fibre to polyester. Looking online and El Corte Ingles, there were few cotton shower curtains, even fewer super expensive linen ones and priced in-between the two, linen, cotton, polyester blends. I had no choice but to go with Zara Home 100% linen shower curtain at €49.99. Yes, I spend €50 on a shower curtain. However, when factoring in the production of linen from flax* which is a lengthly progress into the price it’s quite cheap. The linen used is produced without using artificial irrigation, the farming also using natural growth techniques to help preserve biodiversity and is produced using non GMO seeds as per the photo above. It is cheapest 100% linen shower curtain I could find anywhere and considering these points, the price point is to be expected. It’s just a shock when you see it in person to what you’re paying.

Beauty Finds: Honest Beauty Everything Matte Primer Review

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Welcome to Beauty Finds. This edition features Honest Beauty Everything Matte Primer

Primers and I usually don’t get along. I have oily skin which combined with a silicone primer spells blocked pores. Some I’ve tried do such a good job its feels like I have a film of something on leaving my skin feeling like it can’t breath. Some work so well that very little shine gets through I don’t feel like myself. I try to keep hydrated as oily skin can be a sign of dehydrated skin, however I feel that wearing a mineral sunscreen I’m going to be shiny regardless. 

I’ve learnt to work with oily skin, mostly applying BB cream then a dusting silicone free translucent powder. I’ve learnt to avoid silicones is unless I want clogged pores. In the summer however I feel like a giant shiny face. My current foundation colour stays, the shine is next level. In preparation for summer I started using Honest Beauty Matte Primer, a silicone free primer back in May. Read on for my Beauty Finds requirements or skip a paragraph for the review. 

Recycle Less: Dishcloths Review. Sustainable Cleaning. Rinse, Repeat Or Skip?

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Welcome to Recycle Less, where in this edition I’m turning into my mother. 

Dish and cleaning sponges weren’t thing growing up aside from cleaning the car. My Mum used dishcloths of which I still have nightmares about. I think they were old t-shirts, or old clothes cut up. She boiled them every now and then but the same one was used for a long time. I hated the way they got slimy, the way the turned grey. I’m still shuddering. So much are my nightmares that if I smell even today them being sterilised by boiling which my Mum did once in a while I’m gagging. I remember in primary school I’m not sure if the school kitchen was cooking something or was boiling cloths however I remember whenever that smell was a round there was no way I was eating. 

Because of childhood dishcloth trauma I’ve avoided them. I prefer sponges. Better at foaming, scrubbing, wiping down. However most are made of plastic or a type of manmade plastic. I’m trying to reduce the amount of plastics I use and it’s hard. Food and cosmetics are the number one plastic abusers. The last few years I’ve purchased vegetable sponges made with 100% recycled fibres with walnut fibre scrub bit by Spontex. While these come in cardboard packaging, others I’ve tired still come in plastic (some are packaged in biodegradable plastic) and a lot of energy and resources used in production. I’ve been fine with these replacing them monthly. 

I was until YouTube kept bugging me to watch How to Hand Wash Your Dishes Like A Pro, With Rajiv Surendra | Life Skills With Rajiv on HGTV Handmade. I think because the algorithm knows I watch Hamimmony I like cleaning. FIY I don’t but I like a clean house. I ended up watching 14 minutes on how to hand wash dishes properly. I was okay, Rajiv tell me! One thing he said one thing that stuck out. You’re around someone else’s house and you go to wash up and what you find ‘is a nasty, smelly, rancid kitchen sponge ‘ you really don’t want to touch. I was surprise, washing up at the time and was hmm, yes looking at the sponge. He recommend not giving up sponges completely, they have their roles and preferred to use a dishcloth. I was horrified and carried watching. 

Weekend Friday Favourites. 01.07.22

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Happy July! 

June flew by leaving me scratching my head if I actually did anything. The days were somewhat Groundhog yet raced by. This week I’ve been experimenting switching things around to find a better routine. TBH, if I got up earlier things would be done earlier. Anyway, Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have made me smile or caught my eye. 

Hazy summer light is the best!