Christmas 2018

Happy Winter!

I hope you had great Christmas! Mine was low key, just me and the cats. If I’m honest I was looking forward to it being just me and the cats. A few days of taking it easy, no having to eat a humongous Christmas dinner (sorry P! You know I’m happier with a salad and minimal fuss), my own schedule. Maybe I’m a Grinch.

Ever since I found out cinemas are open Christmas Day in Spain from late afternoon, it’s become a tradition. Christmas Day Movie! I booked up to the see the earliest showing of Aquaman. Growing up I was never Marvel or a DC Comic girl, I was more Star Wars, Indiana Jones girl. I could never get how Lois Lane couldn’t see how Clark Kent and Superman looked alike. I mean all he did was Continue reading “Christmas 2018”

Christmas Weekend Friday Favourites

Happy Christmas!

I’ll keep the chit chat short and sweet this week and get straight into this week’s Weekend Friday Favourite or last week’s as I feel asleep editing last night. A mix of things that have caught my eye or made me smile this week.

Missoma Labradorite Single Wand Ring c240159.jpg

I came across Missoma looking for dragonfly earrings. They didn’t have dragonfly earrings, they did have a few items I liked enough to keep tabs open on on my phone and peek at until Black Friday. I got lucky and enjoyed 20% off 🙂 I really like the some of their unusual designs such as this Continue reading “Christmas Weekend Friday Favourites”

Weekend Friday Favourites

Why break what’s been the theme for the past few weeks with just 4 days to go until 2016, another last minute Weekend Friday Favourites. The last one of 2015. I don’t believe in New Year resolutions. You don’t have to wait until the the New Year to start resolutions, you can start them anytime. But if I did, Friday Favourites on a Friday. No getting out of it’s not posted on a Friday and spinning it to Weekend Friday Favourites thing.

I hope you’re having a great festive weekend! Here’s been low key, but that’s fine with me. Few decorations up make Christmas feel less old hat the day after and me sounding like the Grinch. I’ve finally finished going through all the papers for the KonMari Method’s life changing magic of tidying. It was a bit therapeutic finally shredding the letter 1 of either my mum’s friends or relative wrote just after I was born asking if my dad wasn’t too disappointed he didn’t get another boy. It was written in a different time, but my mum had held onto those welcome cards and only recently sent them to me as she didn’t want them anymore but thought I should have them! Apart from being a good girl I don’t know why I hadn’t thrown them out before. Guilt and duty probably. The KonMari Method of sorting out is helping me let go of things that have been previously difficult to throw out. Those cards didn’t bring me joy aside the 1 from my grandparents so they went to the recycle bin.

Anyways, Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have been making me smile this week or have caught my eye.

Winter Solstice SunriseWinter Solstice sun rise

Winter Solstice MoonWinter Solstice moon

Star Wars The Force AwakensStar Wars, The Force Awakens

Lets just say, I can’t wait to May next year!

Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, Star Wars The Force Awakens Cast Sing Star Wars Theme Tune

Because I’m having a Star Wars thing going on at the moment.

The Zoe Report: How To Get French Girl Hair Right Now

This could explain why I get mistaken for French regularly. Messy French girl hair.

Wall Walk, Up Up, Down Down Plank 

Same as a regular up up, down down plank, except on the up, extend hands out to wall, like the video here. The 1st week I was in a regular plank working up the down being on elbows the next. It’s a great move for shoulders, arms and abs.

3 Flamingos, Barcelona Zoo3 Penguins Barcelona Zoo

Internet Finds

How Istanbul dogs end up in America

Tree Bark Fabric 

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great last week of 2015!