Under The Med Sea. July 1st-4th 2022

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This year I’m fascinated by the baby mullets. There’s more than last year and I’m not sure if this is because the sea bed changed in the winter storms

There’s less rocks, more sand. I’ve seen older mullets a little further out feeding by scooping and filtering the sand. Where I snorkel is the nursery. They look so sleek compared to the sea breams with gold flecks that catch the light. 

The saddled sea breams as always say hi and like to chase bubbles from swimmers or maybe the bubbles and kicking of legs stirs up invisible to human eyes plankton snacks. I often spook myself feeling a bubble brushing my leg as I swim, thinking it was a fish nibbling on me only to turn around and see a few saddled sea breams following me. I’m sure it’s a bubble produced while swimming but it’s funny to turn around and see them following me. Almost like my body guards. 

Under The Mediterranean Sea. July 2021

Animal Kingdom, Animals, Lifestyle, Nature, Photography, Travel

Late July new fish started appearing just off the city beaches!

Baby seabass or mullets near the shoreline

The visibility was still cloudy and I was still figuring out camera settings, hence some photos are grainy. I think the saddled sea breams were getting used to me, often coming up to swim with me. I noticed that when the pompanos arrived, a lot of the baby fish used to swim close by so as not to be eaten by them. I think too it was around this time I started noticing clingfish but as I’m not good at diving down any photos aren’t worth posting.

A cloud of I think white sea breams
Saddled sea bream
Baby striped sea bream (I think!)
Baby seabass I think near the shoreline

I think these are mullets. So elusive and fast swimmers! While sea breams swim in clouds, these guys swim in lanes.


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Spring’s been whispering hi this week, getting me excited for summer, when I can return to my under the sea snorkelling world.

Saddled sea breams

For some reason I can’t remember I hardly went in the water late June last year. I think it was too cold. June’s like that here. So many people think Spain’s warm and sunny all year round. It’s not or at least when I live in Catalunya. I can still be in leggings in June in the evenings. Summer in this part of Spain’s short. July, August and most of September so I try to be outside as much as possible making the most of it. The few times I did go in, I saw the biggest octopus yet! Only one of 2 I saw last year. Its eyes were freaky almost like painted on. I swan through clouds of baby fish who got used to staying near the humans swimming so bigger fish didn’t eat them.

I was still trying out the best settings for my camera, Olympus TG-6. If I gave myself more time at the beach and in the water I’m sure I’d have figured them out. To be honest I ended up finding a setting that worked and stuck with it the whole summer. While it’s still shallow the water isn’t the brightest, it’s often choppy so there’s lots of sediment. Some days I couldn’t see in front of me. The next day it was clear and calm.

Salemas! The Mediterranean’s main herbivore fish. Apparently if you eat them they make you hallucinate!

Baby fish cloud
More baby fish
Mullet patrol

All summer I didn’t get a great photo of these guys. They liked to avoid humans and are fast swimmers compared to me. I always saw them in the shadows where it’s deeper.

Freaky eyes