July August Beauty Finds

Happy October!

Beauty Finds is back with my July August finds! 

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May June Beauty Finds

My love of Korean skincare shows no sign on waning! Miin and Sephora keep coming out with new lines and products. Amazon has a great range, I discovered that Narson ships to Spain and now iherb has it’s own K-Beauty range! Thankfully being picky about ingredients and animal testing, I can just keep it under control.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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March Beauty Finds

My love affair with Korean skincare and cosmetics shows no sign of waning. It feels like with each product, I want to shout from the rooftops where’ve you been all my life! That’s not to say there haven’t been any duds, there have been. It’s like I’m having an aha moment with a few brands, they get crappy skin!

About 80% of the current products I’m using are Korean, so without further ado, March Beauty Finds.InnisFree Perfect 9 Repair Lotion

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January Beauty Finds

I can’t believe it’s February! January flew by and dragged out. Does anyone else have months like that?

My latest ‘obsession’ is Korean cosmetics and for good reason. Since I’ve discovered Miin and Missha here, Sephora hasn’t had much of a look in. Korean skincare is years ahead of Western skincare and the packaging is much cuter!

I have 3 requirements when it comes to cosmetics and skincare. Number 1, no animal testing! Number 2 no animal ingredients that I’m aware of apart from honey and beeswax. I’m a vegan, but I eat honey. Number 3, no nasty ingredients like parabens, SLS, petrochemicals etc. I prefer more natural products, thought with make up this can be tricky, so I go with what I can get. My skin’s a combination, oily and dry.

Etude House Drawing Show, Brush Liner Eyeliner, BlackEtude House Drawing Show, Brush Liner Eyeliner

What I love about this eyeliner is it’s application. I’m not the best at applying eyeliner. One eye goes fine, the other I have to even out the two eyes. I can never seem to get eyeliner on the water line and make it stay there (or even get it on the water line!). This pen I can work with to get it as close and fine to the waterline just above the eyelashes. I like the liner a little thicker on the outer eye and this can get the thickness. The application’s smooth, if I make boo boo, it doesn’t try immediately so I have a few seconds to do my best to sort it out without much smudging. It also doesn’t as I’ve noticed with eyeliners (maybe this is how I apply it. I slant the pen) affect mascara. I’ve noticed the lashes are coated in eyeliner with the mascara clumping even with an eyelash comb. This doesn’t do this! If I want it longer lasting, I apply black eyeshadow as a liner over the top. It also lasts through workouts! Etude House Drawing Show, Brush Liner Eyeliner

Tony Moly Cat Wink Clear Pact #2Tony Moly Cat Wink Clear Pact

I featured this in Weekend Friday Favourites a few weeks ago, but I found out I was using it incorrectly. I’d been using the a kabuki brush which was okay. 2 weeks ago, while I was waiting for it to dry, I used the puff that came with it that I’d left in as a shock absorber in case I dropped it. The difference between using a brush and a puff was immediate. Smoother application and longer lasting between touch ups. I mentioned this to the girl in Miin who said, doh, you use the puff not a brush! My excuse, I’ve always read apply powder with a brush! When I have used powder and puff previously, it’s clogged as I’ve tried to soak up the shine. But then this from Korea and they know a thing or about oily skin and powders. I should mention that this is a translucent powder!Tony Moly Cat Wink Clear Pact

Dear Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin DropDear Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop

I used this as a morning serum. It felt at first a little drying, but since I’ve been using an essence underneath, it feels better. Pre essence I did notice a difference with lines and general texture. Post essence my skin loves it! It’s a little expensive, but is lasts about 2-3 months so the price isn’t so bad spread out. I love that helps protect my skin from pollution and UV damage, helps with skin tone and texture while simulating collagen!

Missha LoveSecret Hand CreamMissha LoveSecret Hand Cream

Aside from the cute packaging that may have incited me, what I love about this is that they’re perfect handbag size! They’re quick absorbing, non greasy and have been helping me fight my chapped hands!

Sephora Kiss Me, Pink Bubble Gum balm/glossSephora Kiss Me, Pink Bubble Gum

This gives that just barely there colour more than a lip balm, smells like bubble gum and best bit, isn’t sticky.

Missha Sheet MasksMissha Sheet Masks

Firstly I can’t believe the price of these compared to Sephora’s own and they do a better job (because they’re Korean!). Sephora’s own sheet masks are €3.95 each. These are €1.99! The sheet mask itself is a lot thicker than other masks I’ve tried and after working my way through those without parabens, my skin loves the rice, lotus and mango. You apply them after cleansing, toning and serum and before cream. Basically the sheet stops ingredients from evaporating before they can do their job. They are best done alone but they’re worth the 20 minutes of looking like an horror movie extra. At the moment with cold air outside and warm air indoors, they’ve been helping adding extra hydration for brighter skin. I can’t wait for the summer to pop one in the fridge before applying and feel my face cool down!

The Little Book of Skin Care, Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin, Charlotte ChoThe Little Book of Skin Care, Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin, Charlotte Cho

If you get excited walking into Sephora, Boots, CVS, John Lewis Beauty hall or any beauty hall for that matter, you’ll get excited reading this! Admittedly I’m only 1/2 way through after finding it in Urban Outfitters last week. Something said go in and I’m glad I did. Charlotte Cho an American Korean who grew up anti beauty products moved to Korea for a few years, only to return to the US to get her esthetician licence. I think that says it all about Korean skincare. Western skincare or cosmetics is about contouring, covering up blemishes, removing shine then applying highlighters, matte skin, heavy make up. Korean skincare is the opposite. It’s about having such radiaten skin, you don’t need much make up. Which explains why in Miin, they have more skin care products than make up. 1/2 way through reading and everything clicked. Why wasn’t this book around 20 years ago? I needed it back then! I have been doing for years what she preaches the most, wearing SPF. That I have been doing right!The Little Book of Skin Care, Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin, Charlotte Cho

2 days after only getting 1/4 way through and okay, sneakily reading ahead, I was in Miin looking at essence, night masks, different cleansers and in the supermarket looking for an Italian exfoliating cloth (I went with a sisal exfoliating glove). It’s only been a week and I’m already noticing a huge difference. My skin feels hydrated, looks healthier from following the advice. The best bit, a glow during the day instead of oil shine. My existing cleanser, toner, night cream and SPF I’m still be using and appear to be working happily with the new editions. Emphasis is the right products, not who endorses it, whether it’s expensive. Expensive doesn’t always mean it works better than a cheaper product. I wish I could phrase the review more eloquently. Basically if you’re a beauty junkie, I can’t recommend it enough! She also has her own online store, Soko Glam selling products in the US. In Europe, there’s Miin!

Have your tried any Korean Skin care products? What’s your latest cosmetics obsession?!

September Beauty Finds

¡Hasta Luego Verano! ¡Hola Otoño!

I managed to sneak away after my physio therapist appointment Monday to the beach to take one last summer dip and siesta. After work yesterday, it wasn’t nearly as warm but I stuck it out until the cloud cover was too much. I was determined to spent the last day of summer at the beach! It’s on my doorstep, I had time and the pigeons were hungry!2nd to Last day of Summer 2015

I got good news from my physio. I’m looking better in a kinesiology sense and stronger (thanks to pull ups and chin ups) and have been shown how to reactivate and deactivate my quads, hip flexors, glutes and lateral plane. Basically it’s like tightening of an Allen key, but your muscles instead. It’s quite fascinating where the activating takes place. For glutes, it’s the neck and pressure point behind ears (which is painful, if I’ve deactivated too much). I still have to do my calf stretches for my arches and achilles and clam moves to strenghten my medius gluteus. I find it amazing how the body works and I learn a lot from my physio!

September beauty finds! As always I have 3 requirements: Not tested on animals, contains no animals ingredients I know of and as natural, organic if possible as possible. No nasty parabens, SLS’s, petroleum derivied ingredients, palm oil etc. With make up, the last requirement can be tricky, so I go with what I can find.  My skin is combination, prone to acne, hair oily with dry ends and I need a heavy duty hydrating body lotion!

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream, Perfect Fit, SPF 30Etude House, Precious Mineral BB Cream Perfect Fit

This BB cream is amazing. One of my finds from Miin, a Korean cosmetic store in Barcelona I recently discovered, which I’m trying not to appear as if I’m a weekly stalker (if I come across that way, I keep popping in to see if they have an eyeliner in black I have in brown. I’m not stalking! Honest!)! I initially got the medium shade which was too light and later purchased the darkest shade W24. It hardly budges swimming, running, working out, doesn’t clog like heavier foundations, but provides a cover that isn’t too heavy. I’ve been finding I haven’t been touched up with powder as much as the CC cream I was using or even with touch up BB cream like I was with the CC cream. I’ll point out that with the darker shade I do find it’s not as enduring in the anti shine department as the medium shade, but again, I find myself applying less touch up powder.Etude House, Precious Mineral BB Cream Perfect Fit

The only con as I recently found out is it contains crushed pearl. As a vegan, this puts me in a tricky spot. Miin, however stocks other BB creams not tested on animals, which I sure no doubt I’ll be trying out!

Etude House Eye Lash CurlerEtude House Eyelash Curler

For years I’ve been using Tweezerman curlers, which last about 3-4 months with a 3 month renewal supply of pads. I misplaced the pads on holiday, searched everywhere and decided to buy a new curler. In Miin (I’m not stalking!), they had this amazing one which isn’t as harsh or feels like if you press to hard you’ll pull or cut out some eyelashes. The price I liked even more than Tweezerman, about €6 compared to €15. The curl’s a better curl mostly due to the metal bit of the clamp being slightly thicker than Tweezerman.Etude House Eyelash Curler

Reviva Labs Eye Complex Firming CreamReviva Labs Eye Complex Firming Cream

I love this cream! I went by reviews on iherb.com and haven’t been disappointed. It’s heavy, but lightweight when applied and easily absorbed. I’ve noticed a difference in hydration around my eyes and it kinda temporary smoothes lines. I’m one of those who likes to touch up eye cream during the day for a anti fatigue boost and with this cream I’ve found myself not doing as much! It inexpensive and I’m already on my second pot! The only con is that it comes in a pot, so clean fingers are a must when applying to avoid bacterial build up in the pot. Face yoga when I remember to do, is also helping with some firming, but if you smile and laugh a lot, your destined for wrinkly eyes!

Too Faced, Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eye Shadow Primer from SephoraToo Faced Shadow Insurance Anti Crease Eye Shadow Primer

It does what is says! My previous eye shadow primer I’d been using for a year the formula in the last tube was lumpy. I switched to this one and and shadow stays put during HIIT workouts, provides a neutral base and is long lasting. Having oily skin, eye shadow doesn’t last very long, even heavily pigmented shadows so this has been a gem find!

What’s your favourite eye cream and latest skincare, beauty obsession find?