I See You Spring

Happy March!

I’m getting excited. Spring’s saying hello! I can feel it’s buzz in the mornings, it’s warmth, the light’s changing from it’s soft winter glow. Late Winter, early Spring’s coming a close second to my love of Summer. In about 2 weeks I’ll be switching out my winter coat. It’s warm enough early afternoon to have a lighter jacket but the mornings and evenings say different. I’m hoping that saying if March comes in like a lion it goes out like a lamb and vice versa the lion’s roar’s worse that its bite. The next few weeks look sunny and windy and I’ve got my fingers crossed the wind’s the lion. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Now the days are getting longer myself and what Continue reading “I See You Spring”


Barcelona Zoo’s great for Weekly Photo Challenges, so it’s back there again for last weeks challenge Gathering. Enjoy!

Lemur playLemur huddle, Barcelona ZooBanded Mongoose keeping warm Banded Mongoose, Barcelona ZooMouflonMouflon, Barcelona ZooFlamingosFlamingos, Barcelona ZooPigeons and Patagonian Mara’s catching rays on a cold afternoon Pigeons and Maras, Barcelona ZooGathering Weekly Photo Challenge Gathering