Weekend Friday Favourites

There’s something about Fridays. No other days holds the air of excitement like a Friday. The week’s finished and if you’re lucky you have 2 days free!

This weekend will be a little sad. I’m saying see you later to one of my few friends I have in Barcelona as she’s moving  back to Germany. We don’t see each other as much as we used to, but it’s one of those friendships where you don’t see each other for ages and pick up where you left off. I’m happy sad for her. Happy as she’s returning back to Germany which she’s wanted for a long time. Sad as I’ll miss her!

Anyways, , Friday Favourites nearly on a Friday for once! Things that have been making smile this week or have caught my eye.

Fabletics ES/Spain Summer Selfie Winner!Fabletics Es Summer Selfie Winner

Monday afternoon I received a big surprise. I’d been selected as one of 3 Fabletics ES Instgram winners as part of their Summer Selfie campaign! The rules where show off your Fabletics attire training and you win a free outfit! They didn’t mind I use Fabletics UK with my mum forwarding parcels on due to only bring able to order in Spain with a Spanish card (I have one, but it’s strictly for utilities). They even credited enough to cover shipping when I choose my outfit! It was a great way to start the week! Thank you Fabletics ES!Running Stairs

TRX squat to shoulder flys and cross body mountain climbers

TRX squat to flys really felt like they opened my back and shoulders this week. From a squat position holding the TRX handles facing in with arms slightly bend, jump out wide to a sumo squat taking the arms wide (keeping shoulders shoulders down, chest open and abs in!) and then jump back in. I think I grew a few centimetres afterwards! (I know I’ve seen them somewhere for a link but I can’t find it!)

Similar to regular mountains climbers, cross body mountains climbers you take or sweep opposite knee to elbow. These burn! I always feel them in my abductors, shoulders, obliques and core!Cross body mountain climbers

Thursday Reverse SunsetReverse Sunset August

Taken after the thunderstorm and rainbows

Geese Park CiutadellaGeese, Parc CiutadellaGeese, Parc CiutadellaGeese, Parc Ciutadella

Usually after training clients in the park, I take a little bike tour of the park. I always seem to end up by the boating pond. Something scared these guys and they were off!

The Lion and Hyena Whisper

Not even my boys great me like this!

Zara Home Palm Tree CoastersZara Home Palm Tree CoastersZara Home Palm Tree Coasters

Like I need an excuse to go into Zara Home, these caught my eye while I was looking for some thing for my friends baby due soon. It’s always a fail keeping hands in pockets so I don’t touch and end up buying something. So maybe I do need an excuse! Unfortunately I think I picked up a dud pair. There are meant to be 4 different designs after realising 2 were the same after I ‘used’ one and checked their website. B*gger. Still I like them, however after checking their website they have some more tropical ones with birds on that have caught my eye. Well, you need a few coasters in every room right?

Men In Black Safety Defenders Air New Zealand Air Safety Video

Cheesy but fun! The All Blacks team up with Air New Zealand to demonstrate the usual air safety demo you can usually just see. But wait, did I?

AJ and DD and his KickerooAJ keeping cool on the balcony

D couldn’t wait for his new Kong Kickeroo’s packaging to be removed and Mr Aj’s been cooling off on the balcony.

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great weekend!

Cross body mountain climber image taken from Google images.


Super Fabletics

Two of my all time favourite actors are Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson. Always full of life and you kinda want to be them even if it’s just for one day. I can’t get over how much Kate Hudson looks like her Mum, Goldie Hawn. It’s uncanny. When I read in USA Instyle magazine last year that Kate Hudson had cofounded her own sports activewear line, Fabletics that fused affordable high quality, function meets fashion, I sighed, knowing it’ll only be available in the USA.

How wrong was I! After reading a Peanut Butter Fingers Fabletics review, I checked out them thinking maybe they’ll ship outside of the USA. No. But, they had UK site! Hopes dashed the UK site only delivers to the UK, but they had Spanish flag. I clicked, Fabletics ES launching soon. That was about 6 months ago. 2 months ago, the Spanish site launched! One happy Nat, until they only accept Spanish credit cards. While I have a Spanish card, it’s strictly for utilities only. B*gger. Then I had the great idea to smile sweetly at my Mum and ask her if she could forward my order from the UK. Bingo! Thanks Mum!

So why all this fuss and excitement? Fabletics is a monthly subscribe system, offering fun, functional affordable sportswear, from running, yoga, gym to running errands. Plus it’s cofounded by Kate Hudson, who did I mention is one of my all time favourite actors and did you see her in Glee? Mum to 2 kids and wow! She must know a thing or two about fitness and workout apparel!

How does it work?

If you sign up for their VIP service you get 40% off every ‘look’ or purchase you make. You can still buy without signing up for the VIP service, but you obviously don’t get the 40% discount each month. There’s no obliagation to buy each month. You have until the 5th each month to purchase or skip that month. If you don’t purchase and forget to skip, you’ll be charged, $49.95/£44/€49.95, or a member credit, which gets put towards future purchases, like a savings account. When you sign up, you get asked a series of questions, what colours you like, where you work the most, what styles you like etc and then each month or just before the start of a new month, you get sent picks, or an outfit look to choose from. If you wish to skip, go to your account page and skip that month. You’re not limited to those outfit look picks. You’re free to choose from many outfits, they’re just suggestions based on your answers.

Each look consists of a top, bottom and then maybe a sports bra, head band etc. You can pick as choose what size and what colours you want subject to availbility. As I found out on my 2nd order, you don’t have to order the complete look, you can pick and choose what tops, bottoms you want. This works particularly well if with a ‘look’ you like but you know the sports bra ain’t gonna do zip for you! Shipping is fast. It takes about 1-2 days for the order to process and my Mum received the parcel 2 days later after the order processed with standard courier shipping. I compared sizes and colours on both the UK and Spanish sites and it seems they share the same warehouse so to speak. Maybe the items are shipped from the US directly or to an European warehouse then forwarded. From my Mum posting on to me, well that can take a week or 2. Each month you accrue points which when you hit 1000 points you get a free outfit! This month on the USA site, they’ve launched a mens line which I must say looks good!

The goods!

With your first order, if you sign up VIP you get 60% discount or an outfit for £26! It took an hour to decide as there’s so much choice. Capris, crops, long length leggings in different colours and styles. Same with the tops and shorts! Where to start! I was impressed that the long length leggings come in 3 lengths, short (yeah, no more tucking under), medium and long. That’s attention to detail! I ordered the Loni look and choose Sydney Capri tiger striped leggings, Oula pink tank and black Samana Sports bra I. Also some headbands.

Roar! Fabletics Loni

First impression

For comparison, I’ll compare to Lululemon as they’ve been the only leggings I workout in up until now.

Sydney Capri’s: These leggings are like Lululemons Wunderunders, but thinner and felt oh so nice to touch! The seams seem tighter than Wunderunders which is a good thing as maybe they won’t stretch like Wunderunders (I haven’t been impressed with them this year). I’m a 0 in Lululemon and ordered XXS/2. They’re more or less the same size, maybe a little smaller. Squat test, need black underwear. If I had ordered the size bigger, this might not have been an issue, but I have a feeling the waist would be too big. They’re moisture wicking, four way stretch, chafe resistant and a hidden pocket for locker key, lip balm etc. Verdict. After 3 washings and lots of burpees, press ups, squats, planks I love them! They hold up better after 2 days wear than Wunderunders at a fraction of the the cost. I don’t know however if they do a Lululemon Run Inspire leggings. Those are like second skin. However the Run Inspire fabric is different to Wunderunders.

Oula Tank: I chose XS which I thought would accommodate up top being a relaxed fit. It’s a little on the large side for me as does fall down at the front a bit, but I generally forgot I was wearing it. It did stretch a little on washing and hip length was more bum covering length. I tucked it under itself for a shorter length and it didn’t fall down. Like the capris are moisture wicking, four way stretch, chafe resistant.

Samana Sports Bra: Erm, C cups and under might be happy. It’s a soft bra and definitely not for high impact. I ordered S thinking it might accommodate everything. I needed the XS band and XXL bust. I’ll continuing to wearing Panache Sports bras. It’s a bummer as they have some really cute colourful sports bras!

Headbands: The Headband is a little big for me. It holds until burpees, then it flies. The skinny headbands, they have grippy plastic and haven’t budged an inch!

Fabletics Loni

Overall Verdict: I’m buying again! I’m waiting for this months order, Suva Run Shorts II and Oula tank in cobalt. No bra, hair ties instead. The reviews left by other Fableticas are honest. Many have commented the bras aren’t for larger busted ladies and the leggings survive a heavy workload. I’m happy to break Lululemons expensive hold. The designs are fun and I’ve been after more fun affordable yet high quality workout wear that won’t look dated in a year, that I can run errands in without screaming ‘gym!’ and break away from black leggings. Tops, I may stick to my current Undiz cotton/polyester tanks, but there’s so many designs to choose from, who knows! And the accessories, oh my!

Fabletics USA Fabletics UK/GB Fabletics ES Fabletics CA Fabletics FR Fabletics DE Fabletics NL

Have you tried out Fabletics? Whats your favourite sport apparel brand?