Weekend Friday Favourites

I hope you’re having a great weekend! I’m actually travelling for the next few weeks! As much as I can I’ll try to post when I can. In the meantime, this week’s Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have made me smile or caught my eye. 

Storm Gloria, Sea Claiming Back

img_5876Beach access paths buried! 

Earlier this week saw perhaps the worst or biggest depending on how you look at it storm, Storm Gloria along this part of Spain and France in a long time. It was so bad I didn’t cycle! Usually I’ll venture out as storm’s here aren’t too bad. This one had about 60-70 kph winds with one part of Spain recording 115 kph, that whipped around the apartment accompanied with non stop rain. No way was I cycling. When Gloria had mostly past, outside was great running weather with the sea smelling alive. She took back the beaches. Sadly Gloria also took some human and non human lives. It was sad seeing trees that couldn’t brace the winds from being in the wrong part of town as the wind whipped down the blocks and open spaces creating funnels. Cleaning up is going to take a few weeks with Valencia’s rice industry taking a huge hit as seawater flooded the rice fields.

img_5881Ping Pong?

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Tuesday’s Workout 

Finally a moment to say hello! This week’s been a blur. Busier than normal and running around more equals an extra tired Nat. Well, that’s my excuse. Staring at a blank white screen when you’re tired does nothing for inspiration and typing keys. The ideas are there, the fingers won’t type.  

I don’t normally share my workouts here. Mainly as I’m a little reserved letting my peers know my ideas with them saying; No, no, no those 2 moves don’t go, really that and she calls herself a trainer! But you’ve gotta start somewhere! Tuesday’s workout was a fun, sweaty total body one which had me targeting legs (quads) and shoulders. After warming up it took about 20 minutes.

Tuesday’s circuit:

1 circuit x 3, 7 exercises, 10 reps or 30 seconds each set, rest inbetween set transition time. 1-2 min rest inbetween each circuit. I was pushed for time, hence rest being transition time. If you do do it or take a few moves from it, make sure you have the all clear to exercise. Must have a disclaimer!  Oh and the last 2 reps of each set you should be feeling they’re harder. If not, increase the weight! 


10 x medicine ball squat throws 

10 x 1x plank jack to 1x push up to 1x sumo squat. It’s much like a burpee minus the jump up into the air. 

10 x goblet squats

10 x TRX plank abs tucks and pikes, alternating each one. 5 each in total. 

10 x TRX squat to fly

10 x dumbbell halos (5 in each direction, sealing starting direction half way)

30 seconds burpees. No push up. Last 2 of each set a tuck jump (optional. I felt like adding them. Next week, I’ll play with a full set of burpee tuck jumps!)

This was chased with chin ups, box jumps and an abs and all important booty circuit aka bridges, fit ball roll outs, tummy tucks, twisted crabs and top elbow to top knee side planks! I felt great afterwards! Some days you want a heavy lifting day, other days you just wanna jump it out. Tuesday was a mix of them both. 

Unfortunately this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge will be a little late. I’m travelling and where I’m staying only my mobile’s picking up the internet quickly. My Mac’s taking it’s sweet time loading pages. Paint dries quicker. I have a lot of blog catching up to do! Though I have one question, has anyone else made coffee in a loose tea strainer ball? It surprisingly works!

Have a great May Day Weekend!