Beauty Finds: Lush Helping Hands Hand Cream Review

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Welcome to Beauty Finds! This edition features Lush Helping Hands hand cream. 

I completely forgot in my last Lush review that I said I was never going to shop there again. I had a few minutes to spare before an appointment which is very rare as I’m always late. There isn’t a Lush where I normal shop and I was desperate for a new hand cream. They always say the neck and hands give away a girls age. My grandma instilled in me to apply hand cream. I do, but my hands are in water so much washing the dishes, hand washing, general house chores, the winter chaps them out, cycling in-between seasons chaps them out my hands look older than I am. Well maybe a little in certain light. This past winter I couldn’t find any good hand creams. I tried rich body lotions, natural hands creams filled with shea butter and nada. I wear washing up gloves doing the dishes but not always as it’s just easier to go without. The gloves are either too big or too small and not worth the hassle. As per my beauty requirements any hand creams with petroleum or mineral oil are out. I know those containing petroleum would work but I don’t want it in my body by absorption. Also at the time of purchase back in January 2022 hand gel was a requirement entering shops etc. Hand gel really dries out hands. 

Please skip a paragraph for the review or read ahead for my beauty requirements.