Detergent Free, Eco Friendly Laundry: Eco Egg vs Magnesium Pellets

Having eczema sensitive skin I always opt for environmentally friendly laundry detergent that’s fragrance free. Eco friendly as I care about nature, fragrance free and harsh toxic, chemical free as I never know when I have a bad flare up usually once a year what caused it. 


I used the laundry Ecoegg for about a year and as promised an update on its use. It was fine for the first few months, then I started not to be happy with it. It’s cheap. I only paid about €15-20 inc shipping for refills throughout the year which is great. I for sure noticed I wasn’t buying laundry detergent every month and the pennies saved. The white balls are mystery however they are harmful chemical free, biodegradable and vegan which react with the water. The black tourmaline pellets to lift stains by energising the water. Ecoegg state what the tourmaline pellets do, but I find it shady they don’t mention what the white pellets are made of. I did find one site that listed the ingredients but as it’s not Ecoegg themselves I can’t be sure it’s the complete list of ingredients. They recommend disposing of the used white pellets in the bin as they haven’t been tested on wildlife or plants (so how eco friendly? The ingredients separately are? Together are? They contradict themselves here by saying not harmful to aquatic life). I think for light washes it’s okay and at low temperatures. However it’s not great on whites, leaving them grey. It also washes out colours from clothes. This could be the dye, cheap clothes but after one wash, lighter colours such as pinks, greens they started to fade noticeably after just one wash (see photo below). It could also have been that my washing machine died this year and wasn’t washing as good as previous.

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Dr Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap

I’ve been using Dr Bronner’s 18 in 1 castile soap for a few years and while typing this post I realised I haven’t used or tried it for nearly all the 18 in 1 uses it claims it can be used for.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I started using it after reading Jessica Alba’s The Honest Life. She recommended it as a great alternative for household cleaning (before her brand Honest created their own cleaning range. I can’t wait for Honest products to be available in Spain!). Around that time AJ’s (cat) allergies started. Dry eyes that cry and stain a lot around his eyes. I know I was using an ecological floor cleaner at the time, but I decided to switch it out for Dr Bronner’s Baby Unscented Pure Castile Soap. I’m sure even though that cleaner was ecological it had a hazardous symbol. AJ’s allergies maybe a secondary symptom of his tummy problems, at the time I wasn’t sure what was causing them. My reasoning for Dr Bronner was that it was full of natural oils so if they the cats ingested the ingredients after walking over freshly mopped floors and then washing themselves they’re not absorbing nasty ingredients. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

If you’ve ever purchased a Dr Bronner castille soap you know it’s only got 9-11 ingredients: Water, organic coconut oil*, potassium hydroxide*, organic palm kernel oil*(one of the few palm oil products I use. I like orangutans more and Dr Bronner source from  sustainable family run farms ), organic olive oil*, organic hemp oil, organic jojoba oil, citric acid, tocopherol and if one of the scented soaps, essence or scented oil. All starred ingredients are fair trade. No foaming agents or detergents, non gmo, contains 70% fair-trade ingredients, is Leaping Bunny approved and certified vegan. Plus containing only natural ingredients it’s better for the environment or rather less hazardous for the environment/water system when it get flushed down the drains.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So far I’ve found it to be great at:

Cleaning floors. Seriously you don’t need much. 2-3 squirts is enough. If you haven’t diluted it enough, it can leave reside. I normally make sure the mop bucket is filled to just under the squeezy thing. If it could then mop the floors itself that would be perfect.

Cleaning the cats litter box. Again I didn’t want them absorbing nasty ingredients.

Cleaning make up brushes.

Cat shampoo when I’ve need on rare occasions bath the cats (such as AJ’s incident in the pet taxi)

I found it wasn’t so great as a shampoo or body wash and I didn’t like it much for a hand soap. I prefer their liquid hand soap. I’ve yet to try it as a toothpaste but when I travel I have 2 small bottles of unscented and peppermint should I need to do any hand washing or wash make up brushes. When my current ecological multi purpose cleaner and bathroom cleaner runs out I’m switching them out on a trial run for Dr Bronner. If anyone has used it as a multi cleaner, bathroom cleaner, bug spray or dish detergent please shout!

Have you tried Dr Bronner’s castile soaps? What you’ve found it great and not so great at?