Beauty Finds: I’m From Mugwort Essence Review. What Is An Essence? Do I Need One?!

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Welcome to another Beauty Finds. This edition is I’m From Mugwort Essence. 

Artemisia Princeps Mugwort not to be confused with Artemisia Vulagaris Mugwort when looking up mugwort is one of Korea’s oldest traditional medicine plants. Used as a healing herb its renowned for its skin care properties. It’s even in one of Korea’s oldest origin stories! 

Both types of mugwort are in the flowering daisy family and share similar properties. Artemisia Vulagaris grows commonly throughout Europe and Asia. In the UK it grows fairly commonly I’ve never heard of it and if I did I was probably told it was a weed. It is used more for its digestive properties, in beer or getting high on lucid dreams. I don’t think my motherland thought of using it in skin care other than medicinal tinctures. Both types however can be used for in cooking, aid digestion, an insect repellant, treat eczema and other dry skin issues and help ease menstrual cramps are just a few of mugwort’s magical benefits.