Beauty Finds: Honest Beauty Everything Matte Primer Review

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Welcome to Beauty Finds. This edition features Honest Beauty Everything Matte Primer

Primers and I usually don’t get along. I have oily skin which combined with a silicone primer spells blocked pores. Some I’ve tried do such a good job its feels like I have a film of something on leaving my skin feeling like it can’t breath. Some work so well that very little shine gets through I don’t feel like myself. I try to keep hydrated as oily skin can be a sign of dehydrated skin, however I feel that wearing a mineral sunscreen I’m going to be shiny regardless. 

I’ve learnt to work with oily skin, mostly applying BB cream then a dusting silicone free translucent powder. I’ve learnt to avoid silicones is unless I want clogged pores. In the summer however I feel like a giant shiny face. My current foundation colour stays, the shine is next level. In preparation for summer I started using Honest Beauty Matte Primer, a silicone free primer back in May. Read on for my Beauty Finds requirements or skip a paragraph for the review.