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Under The Med Sea: Another Day Back in Late August 2022


Join me for a few minutes under the Mediterranean Sea back in August 2022!

Saddled sea bream/Oblada melanura

I had less than a month left to be in the sea before autumn fall set in. Towards the autumn fall Equinox it gets too cold for me to be in the sea unless midday and can dry off in the sun for a few minutes. Later on in the day I freeze as the wind picks up. My fingers turn yellow and loose all sensation. So I was in the sea as much as poss saying hi to my friends. I hope you like them too!

The beautiful female Ornate wrasse/Thalassoma pavo
Striped red mullets/Mullus surmuletus. These fish are so much fun to watch!
Baby striped sea breams/Lithognathus mormyrus
Striped sea bream/Lithoganathus mormyrus

As the change of temperature rolled in, the sea also changed being more choppy which meant lower vis.

Female rainbow wrasse/Coris julis
White sea bream/Diplodus sargus
Male rainbow wrasse/Coris julis

It’s way too early yet to snorkel, however at the time of posting (3rd March) winter’s finally eased its grip. Fingers crossed the end of May I can say Hi to my fish friends!

Saddled sea bream/Olada melanura

I like the individual shots as the fish come up to say hi. My goal this year is to be more organised getting the beach to spend more than 10 minutes snorkelling to get less rushed shots. A girl can dream 🙊

Striped sea bream/Lithognathus mormyrus

I’m still not sure which wrasse this is. I think it’s a female Symphodus ocellatus, by the spot on it’s tail.

Fried egg jellyfish! Cotylorhiza tuberculata
Saddled sea bream/Oblada melanura with a busted eye. I saw it for a few days. I hope it made it!

I’m excited to share an amazing snorkel location along the Costa Brava in the next few weeks. I’ve been chronologically posting Under The Med Sea series due to some fish only visiting the on and near shores periodically, to spawn so the babies have a better chance of survival in shallower waters. In turn, predators know where the nurseries are so visit for easier hunting or to do both like pompanos/Trachinotus ovatuses.

Thank you for stopping by!

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