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Under The Med Sea: July 12-15th 2022


Not much happened mid July at my then snorkel spot. Winter storms had changed the sea floor from last year moving on the fish other spots I’d yet to discover. It would be 2 weeks until I found where some went. I was just happy to be able to get in the water almost daily escaping the land world.

Striped sea breams

The only fish I saw were saddled sea breams/oblada melanura, striped sea breams/lithognathus mormyrus and mullets either flathead grey mullets/mugil cephalus or thickly grey mullets/chelon labrosus. The Mediterranean Sea is usually clear unless if there’s open sea out from the beaches, the water can get low visibility easy from the shallower rougher water. This the case of the beach I go to. I ended up taking more short clips as the water got choppy most days stirring up sediment. The fish just went with the flow of the water which go me thinking what do fish do in stormy seas just off the beach? Do they go to safety or ride it out? Just like what to do birds do in storms. How to they protect themselves in trees?

Striped sea breams. They’re happy as a bottom feeder digging for worms and small invertebrates in soft sand. They like in this beach hanging out just off the beach.

Saddled sea breams.

All striped sea breams are male at birth and change to female as they get older!

One of my favourite fish photos this year. Saddled sea bream! I’m happy it was just a small bream coming out the from the dark! Saddled sea bream are one of my favourite fish snorkelling as they always come and say hi.

Striped sea breams when they’re small are good camouflage fish. They can be so transparent they blend into the water.

My camera settings improved too over the summer!

Smiley face!

Mullets and a young mullet below with gold flakes.

Here you can see how tiny baby fish are transparent for camouflage from other fish and marine predators. I think the ratio of fish that make it adulthood is low.

More striped sea breams!

Thank you for stopping by my summer world!

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