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Stalking Deals Not Bieber


The day some of us have been waiting for is nearly here. Black Friday!

Yes, I  have my eye on a couple of things I may have been stalking for the past few weeks. A little shopping list for Sephora, one to two items from Gorjana, a coat and well that’s about it. Fingers crossed they aren’t sold out (and they do have some offers) and that’s how I’m spending my extra curricular activities this Friday. Shopping!

Waiting for dinner, Penguins and a heron that thinks it’s a penguin, Barcelona Zoo

I hope you’re having great week so far! I’ll leave ya with some photos of of the past few days.

I made the Zoo last Friday!

Red ivy, the nearest I’m going to get to the autumn colours in a city filled with palm trees and plane trees. 

Nearly all my photos were blurry as the light started go and me rushing to get around before it closed. However it kinda worked with for this resident. 

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas outside Barcelona Cathedral 

Saturday after chores, Tone It Up Workouts, we cycled into the city centre past the main Christmas market being set up to check out air purifiers vs humidifiers and dehumidifiers for Black Friday! Exciting.

Sunday, the usual Sunday, longish run and bike ride somewhere (the W hotel). We debated getting a vegan pizza (hold the cheese!) or a burger out and ended up eating when we got back. Part of the Cursa de Bombers running pack was a can of isotonic 0.0% alcohol free beer. It’s been lingering in the fridge ever since until Sunday when P declared the first one was nasty, was taking up valuable fridge space and ‘placed’ it above the caravan style opening cupboards. 1/2 hour later when he lifted the cupboard door, the can crashed smack on his head. He sported a bump all day (the can too also took a beating!), skipped running and preferred to eat his own food. Moral of the story, inanimate objects do have feelings.

If you find him, please contact his owners!

Bieber was in town Monday. Well, I presume it was him. I ended up getting to the gym very late and cycling past the Arts Hotel Barcelona a large excited group of teenage girls had gathered outside. All of a sudden they started screaming and shot past the casino screeching while chasing after a  van. I figured it was some latest celeb crush (I’m not up on the Spanish celeb scene) but knew they must be huge to have such groupies outside. The groupies eased up to just a few dedicated fans cycling back later shouting ‘Pepe’ or something like that. (I wasn’t really paying much attention. Unless Spanish know how to pronounce English names with an English accent, they stick to Spanish pronunciation (like every language pronouncing another with no experience in the said language) so it could have been Bieber or Pepe.) The presumption it was Bieber came from the news later he’d been in town to Camp Nou. I ruled out one any Barca players as they already live in the city. All I can say, is thank god I was never like that. But then I grew up in a tiny countryside village so we’ll never know.

I upped the sandbag weight Tuesday. I usually go for a 1okg bag, however I needed more for lunge twists (I hugged the bag like here) and sandbag plank pulls. I switched after the first set to 15kg which gave me the challenge I after. 10kg was kinda moderate easy with my last 2 reps equally as easy. When the last 2 reps of a set are easy, it’s time to up the weight. The last 2 you should be able to do with good form, but start to really feel it (aka a little bit more intense but not an all out struggle.). I don’t think I’ll be doing sandbag offset squats  with 15kg just yet. Maybe regular sandbag squats but not offset squats (pick the bag up from in front, place on one shoulder, squat, squat to lower bag back back to floor repeat on other side.). I swear my new Fabletics Electric Zebra Salar capris gave me the boost.

I made it back just in time to be ready. (ha ha, nope!) to celebrate P’s birthday at Teresa Carles a vegan/vegetarian restaurant. My favourite dish, lotus flower crisps! 


Yesterday my mood kinda match the weather. Or rather the weather made me feel blah and lethargic. The sun shone of a little bit in the morning however the clouds won. I just just made it back before the wind really picked up along with on off rain all afternoon and evening, with some impressive lightening that lit up the late afternoon blacked out rain clouds. I’m hoping the storm’s made the season decide if it’s gonna be finally getting cold or how it’s been the last few days, a windy warmish 17-18C that takes some guessing with layers as I might have a new winter coat to wear!One good thing about rain shopping means less shoppers and no queues!

To all my American readers, Happy Thanksgiving!

Have you got your eye on some prospective Black Friday offers? Have a great rest of the week!

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