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Weekend Friday Favourites


I hope the weekend’s going great for you! Yesterday was a one off Festivo only for Catalunya, making it a puente or long weekend. Not that I have much planned. I’m hoping to make more progress with my KonMari Method tidying/sorting out. I’ve been maintaining the areas already sorted, but I haven’t done any further tidying recently. Areas still to be done are silently nagging me. Well, that’s the plan!

Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have caught my eye this week or have made me smile.

Barcelona Zoo

After missing the zoo closing by seconds all last week, I made it twice this week! And I had it virtually to myself. When it’s like that it feels like I have a huge tropical garden just for me.Elusive porcupine Spring’s coming!

Tone It Up Seascape Capris

I won’t lie, I get caught up in the Tone It Hype. Sometimes it’s too much, but it’s feel good hype, so that’s my excuse. They released earlier this month mesh Limitless Leggings. I’m in need of some new workout leggings so I added them to the basket and these capris. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting much, but the reviews of the carpris were good, so I’d thought I’d take the chance. They past the essential squat test, didn’t budge workout and I forgot I had them on! Bottom line, I like them!

Wednesday’s sunrise and sunset 

Monkey Press/Push Up/ Tipping Frog Shape Magazine Oct 2014.1/2 press up, 1/2 plyometric, these I felt in my shoulders. I can’t believe I’ve never done these before and I’ll be featuring them more in workouts. It works just about everything! (video here)

Cute sloth recused from middle of road

France bans supermarkets throwing out food, instead donating unsold food to to food banks and charities. 

Lady raising 200 plus dogs she saved from the Korean dog meat trade

Tissue needed for this one! The moment a shy shelter dog in a high kill shelter in California realises he’s been adopted. Adopt don’t buy!

Countries that don’t officially exists 

Paris’s futuristic housing projects build in the 60’s. To me they’re challenging Star Wars (or Star Wars challenging them).

19 reasons to visit Madeira. However there’s one problem. No beach.

New discoveries in the City of the Jaguar 

What’s been making you smile this week? Have a great weekend!

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