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Weekend Friday Favourites


I hope you’re having a great weekend! I’m actually travelling for the next few weeks! As much as I can I’ll try to post when I can. In the meantime, this week’s Weekend Friday Favourites, things that have made me smile or caught my eye. 

Storm Gloria, Sea Claiming Back

Beach access paths buried! 

Earlier this week saw perhaps the worst or biggest depending on how you look at it storm, Storm Gloria along this part of Spain and France in a long time. It was so bad I didn’t cycle! Usually I’ll venture out as storm’s here aren’t too bad. This one had about 60-70 kph winds with one part of Spain recording 115 kph, that whipped around the apartment accompanied with non stop rain. No way was I cycling. When Gloria had mostly past, outside was great running weather with the sea smelling alive. She took back the beaches. Sadly Gloria also took some human and non human lives. It was sad seeing trees that couldn’t brace the winds from being in the wrong part of town as the wind whipped down the blocks and open spaces creating funnels. Cleaning up is going to take a few weeks with Valencia’s rice industry taking a huge hit as seawater flooded the rice fields.

Ping Pong?

Muji Packing/Luggage Cubes

A recommendation from P! Usually I pack my clothes when travelling in a plastic bag. That’s good enough for me! Passing Muji last weekend P was let see if they have packing cubes! He sold them enough to me to get some and he’s right. They work amazingly. No more trying to shove plastic carrier bags filled with clothes that won’t lie as flat as you want. You can pack a lot in one and they fit perfectly ergonomically in your case. They’re a little expensive if you buy 4 at once however the pay back in the long term’s worth if you do a lot of travelling. Everything is together and neat. They also fold back into themselves taking up hardly any room for storage. The only bummer is they’re polyester and nylon but providing nothing spills on them they shouldn’t need washing (plastic microfilaments in the water system. And I wear leggings nearly everyday so I can’t talk).

Street Art

These were taken last month at the Jardins de les 3 Xemeneies The Garden of The Three Chimneys, a graffiti park in Barcelona, but hey!

Sunrise and Birds

What’s a Weekend Friday Favourites without a sunrise and birds? And a lemur too!

Long Jump, 2 Gorilla Hops Back

This is a move I found I think on either tanyapoppett‘s IG account (I get workout ideas from her, sugarysixpack and carmelrodriguezfit. They have similarish training styles and even after going through their pages to find who, I can’t find it!). I added it to my hamstrings, bum and back day. All you do is long jump forward, lower or crouch down to a squat with hands on the floor. Then in the same position (squat with hands on the floor) scoot back taking two hops back starting with your feet first then hands to meet. For an extra challenge when back at the start remain in squat before long jumping again. This exercise I really felt in my hamstrings and it’s a fun cardio move too! 

Internet Finds

The Sri Lankan hotel where an elephant is a guest. BBC News

Australia fires: ‘Incredible’ signs of life return to burned bush. BBC News. This it happy news While it’ll take long time for the Aussie bush to recover, nature’s a tough, resourceful girl!

Cat and dog love to go on walks together. Metro UK via Apple News. BBF for life. 

The origins of the mysterious guanches. BBC News

The Nigerian blind mechanic using touch to make repairs. BBC News

What’s been making you smile or caught your eye this week? Please share in the comments below!

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