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Project Light: September and October


Photography’s about taking an image of light. That’s all photography is, capture of light. Project Light a series of light changing through the seasons captured with nature, landscapes, animals and the city.

My Mum always says you can take the girl out the country but you can’t take the country out the girl. This is partly true. I love living on the outskirts of the city albeit within another town on the boundary, no countryside insight, only mountains in the distance. I have all the city’s amenities at my fingertips. I’m not sure I could go back to living in a small town or the countryside. I like the ease of a city. I have however a sea view that helps me with city life, Barcelona Zoo down the road (my take on the zoo here), parks, beaches, National Parks a car hire away balancing out the country in the girl. This girl will always notice the birds singing and flying using roads as flyways, the butterflies and dragonflies while cycling that no one else seems to notice, smile cycling back with bats out hunting. I know the areas where I can escape people, the hustle and bustle of the city for a mini reset. When I do get out the city into the countryside I soak up the silence of nothing while looking forward getting back the city.

Anyways, starting with September the light was still summer bright easing into autumn glow as the days got shorter.

Sunset Zebra sheltering out light almost nothing rainThat early autumn fall light!Only wild mushrooms I’ve seen this year!Blackbird

October, autumn fall’s first full month. The light gets that magical glow! However this October most afternoons were overcast or cloudy.

The gibbons around the same time I go to the zoo now are inside away from the cold!Red pandas don’t mind the cold!Popcorn cloudsI’m hoping the lions get moved to their new enclosure that’s been waiting for them for almost a year. They’ll get to run around and hide from the public if they want. I’m hoping then the tigers next door get a long overdue upgrade. Rainy day in the Basque Country Half way across the country the following day, bright bright sunshine. These last 3 are from my phone. Waiting for fish off the old guys fishing

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