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12 Hours in Madrid Part 2


Though wewere only 12 hours in Madrid playing tourist, I took enough photos to have been playing tourist for a week. Part 1 can be found here

We got to the Templo de Debod around 1pm when my camera’s battery started giving me flashing warning signs. Knowing I only had about 20 mins of battery life left, I’m thankful it didn’t die before reaching the temple. Built around the 2nd century BC it was taken down and reconstructed in Madrid as a thank you by the Egyptians for Spanish help in saving various UNESCO sites from the construction of the 1960 Aswan High Dam. As I’m probably never to visit the Pyramids in Egypt this was a close as I going to get and I didn’t want to miss out!

I tried to walk like an Egyptian and failed! Entry’s free with 2 queues. One for the grounds so to speak and one for the tomb it’s self. Only 10 are allowed in at any one time in groups of 5 inside the tomb. It’s worth the queue even if you just queue for the grounds.

Inside the temple itself

The temple vistas are of Parque del Campo, Madrid’s forest like park nearly the size of Madrid itself. By now the temps had hit it’s autumnal high of 24C degrees and we were grateful we wore lightweight layers that didn’t take up much bag space. We sat for a while soaking up the sun deciding on where to next. With the Palacio Real close by we thought we’d check that out next which is where I’ll leave you for now…

Parque del Campo

Palacio Real 

To be continued….

Unless you live or have lived in Madrid, did you know there was an Egyptian tomb there?!

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