Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was A Good Day

This is a great challenge! There are many things that make today was a great day. Growing up in a country where palms trees and blue skies were only on the TV, seeing palms trees and blue skies can be a great day!

I find generally, it’s the small things that make today was a great day. In my apartment building there are 2 dogs who when they see me bound up to say hello! They always make my day!

Growing up far from the sea and being able to see it every day, I sometimes have to pinch myself I live by it. In the summer being able to sneak away to the beach to toma sol and have a dip for an hour is always a good day.

Freebies products from Sephora can make my day as I maybe made the sales assistant day a good day as I spoke to them as a human who gets excited over beauty products rather than just a sales assistant.

But what really makes my today was good day is everyday coming back to these two faces greeting me at the door. And if you know me, you knew that was coming! AJ Hello!Diesel. Hello Today Was a Good Day Weekly Photo Challenge. Today was a good day

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was A Good Day

  1. Glad you had a good day! It’s great to be thankful for even the little things we have. But then again those cats would make any day a good day! Hope you enjoy the rest of your week 🙂

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    1. They were happy to see me back after a few days away this week. I had little black, ginger and white lambs the next day! They really do make my day coming back to them!


  2. Love your positivity Natalie. Palm trees and the sea are 2 things very distant for me, probably a few thousand kilometers for each
    The few times in my life I have seen the sea and/or palm trees, I am totally awestruck.
    Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂


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