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Groundhog Day #42


I wasn’t too sure if I’d be up to running this morning. My ankle which I tripped running two months played up yesterday. It was fine this morning so I went. I didn’t realise to that twisting from planks to table tops would niggle it…now I do!

Monday was an odd day. I couldn’t find balance all day. I had a good morning workout, new circuits with some new moves to keep everything fresh. The days at the moment are rolling into Groundhog Monday, Groundhog Tuesday, Groundhog day…… This should change in fours weeks and until them I’m switching up the days to keep things different. New adventures are on the horizon…I’ve just gotta be patient!

I had a good evening run. I was feeling my coffee and music and ended up running 7km instead of 6km. The nights are beginning to creep in early and soon I’ll have to wear something reflective running in the evenings. That said there were still a lot of runners out.

Good news for London seals! reported that this year’s ZSL Thames river seal count has seen an increase of Harbour and Grey seals both in the Thames and the Thames Estuary. This is a great sign that water quality is improving. They’re one of the Thames top predators and they wouldn’t be there wasn’t enough prey available. The amount of prey is a reflection of the water quality. Unfortunately the number of seals in Scotland has gone down, which isn’t a good sign at all.

Just before bed (oh, how I needed those zzzzzz!) I watched a lightening storm out at sea. It wasn’t a clear night and the lightening lit the clouds up pink and orange. I could see how people probably once thought Zeus was fighting Ares or some other God in the sky! Totally amazing!

Tuesday I woke to good news…I have my PT confirmation letter! It’s only taken since April this year! My certificate paperwork has also been sent off so I should get this in 6 weeks and get training going.

I had a fun workout. Strength circuit mix of resistance and cardio alternating between upper and lower body. Breakfast was the usual oatmeal/porridge, honey, Greek yoghurt and berries.

House chores later left me antsy to go outside. My ankle felt fine so I took a chance trail biking (post biking – emphasis on ankle felt fine…ha!). I had a pit stop (okay siesta for an hour) at the beach on the way. It was windy which meant the waves had to be jumped! I’m taking full advantage of these afternoons while I still can!

The park had it’s usual runners and another biker! I think we were slightly surprised to see each other as I don’t think many people know you can bike around it. I normally see other bikers on the easy, flat bits only.

This little guy let me snap him while he was resting in crows pose (well, that’s what it looked like!)!

I was starving when I got back. Two wholemeal toasted peanut butter muffins and a cold juice of apple, mango and coconut water did the trick until dinner!

I was up early for my Wednesday run and few people were out. No box jumps afterwards as I didn’t want to push it with my ankle. My blister (right in the arch…perfect) that started on Sunday’s run came back and so I had to alter my running style slightly which my left knee didn’t like, so skipped box jumps. Handstands though are coming on great!

Wednesday is Carrefour hypermarch day and it was good to get there early. I prefer grocery shopping with someone as I get bored easily and just want to pay and go! Carrefour now has self scanners/zappers which cuts down till queueing immensely (not to confused with self checkout till/cash registers). I can run around the shop zapping everything and leave just as quick!

And with that it’s time for yoga and to rearrange Groundhog Thursday!

This was Tuesdays moon rise. There’s always some thing magical about watching the moon rise don’t you think?

What helps you get through Groundhog days and how do you get yourself out of them?

Note: I do take rest days to allow my body to recover from what I put it through!

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