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HIIT, Pique-nique, Hill Sprints.


Friday at last!

Today’s was someones else’s workout day (as trainer it’s good to check out other trainers styles to keep things fresh for myself and clients). Tone It Up Beach Babe DVD 2, HIIT the Beach 2 and Hula Booty. A fun, sweaty workout and I definitely felt that last round of HIIT! Handstands for cool down. I’m now moving further away from the wall, but it’s just in reach should I over judge. A great added bonus of practicing is that I’m finally building on my upper body strength. I’m fine with shoulder presses, though pull up and chins ups I need assistance, a lot of assistance! I can already feel that my trapezius is being worked which means for me, better posture!

I thought the Spanish has summer down with their siestas. I was wrong. The French win. They might just be the best at camping in Europe. The beaches seem to have countless caravans and motor homes parked parallel, with hypermarches and home deco stores full with every type of outdoor dining items imaginable (solar powered mosquito repellent light?!). They love also to pique-nique, especially on the beach in the evenings. Whole families desend with fold up chairs and tables, foil covered dishes, pizzas and table clothes. Yes, table clothes, floral ones at that and sit as they would at home having dinner. That’s not something you’d see in the UK. We’d just sit on the sea wall eating fish ‘n’ chips out of newspaper!

This evenings 6km run was one of those feel better after, rather than actually running. It probably didn’t help I stopped a few times for a few sunset photos. I made up for stopping with hill sprints…why Natalie?!


Ready? Hill Sprints.

Any-who’s, I hope you all have a great weekend, get to enjoy some sunshine and maybe a picnic somewhere!

How does your country picnic on the beach? Is it a bring the kitchen sink affair, or just the basics!?





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